The Board of Management (BM) is a team of eight individuals responsible for maintaining the ethos of EFPSA and providing foundations for the organisation’s growth and contributing toward the strategic, long term, development of EFPSA in order to meet the needs and interests of European psychology students. The Board of Management providing oversight and support to all teams and activities of the Federation and work on various common projects in order to reach EFPSA’s goals.

Ying Wai Cheung, President

My name is Ying Wai Cheung and I’m a 22-year old Dutch student with a Chinese background. I graduated in the summer of 2018 at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. My main interests in psychology are in social and organisational psychology. Apart from the behavioral side of organisations, I’m also interested in the management and strategic development of organisations and companies. My EFPSA journey began in 2016, through our Member Organisation SPS-NIP. Two years later, I got the chance to join the Board of Management as the Finance Officer (2018-2019). As the person overseeing all the financial aspects of the organisation, I accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge related to the governance of of our Federation. Now as the President, I am involved in every aspect of EFPSA, which allows me to further develop this Federation to improve its quality and sustainability. Together with the Vice President, I oversee the work of the Board of Management as the Presidential Office. Besides this, I oversee the External Relations Office that works on writing Policy and Position Papers, and representing EFPSA externally by collaborating with other organisations. EFPSA offers a wide variety of Services and Events for all kinds of psychology students. The opportunity to work in an international environment can be very valuable for your future. It is amazing that so many students take the opportunity to develop themselves with the perks to travel all around Europe for EFPSA! If I could master any skill, I would love to speak Chinese and Spanish fluently.

Elvira Aghalarova, Secretary General

My name is Elvira Aghalarova. I am 21 years old Bachelor graduate Psychology student from Azerbaijan. I am interested in forensic and neuro-cognitive psychology. I have joined EFPSA during the 31st Congress as an Org Com member in 2017. I was so amazed by the dynamic of the EFPSA’s Working Community, therefore right after the Congress I saw an open position call in Marketing Office of EFPSA in a position of Photographer. Afterwards I wanted to do more to EFPSA use my skills in order to help in the development of the Organisation, so I have applied for the Marketing Officer for the mandate of 2018-2019. Being in Board of Management helped to grow up as a person, improve skills and at the same time be in the process of changes that were happening for the good of EFPSA. All these experience has motivated me to apply for one more mandate in the EFPSA. Currently I hold the position of Secretary General within the EFPSA. My main tasks are taking care of the EFPSA Office which consists of two Content Review Responsibles, Administrative Support Responsible, Data Management Responsible, Web Coordinator and Human Resources Responsible and apart from that in the position I maintain efficient internal administration within the Federation through effective working practices, correspond with internal and external entities seeking information about the Federation. If I could master any skill it would be running a long distance, I would love to take a part in the marathon.

George Savage, Marketing Officer

My name is George Savage. This is my second year within the Board of Management of EFPSA my previous position being the Vice President. How do I describe it other than I live, breathe & sleep EFPSA. I am from the beautiful countries of Ireland & the United Kingdom. Currently I am finishing my Master at Ulster University regarding Mental Health and Family Therapy.  EFPSA has opened up so many great traveling opportunities and I have made a lot of great friends along the way. With that being said it only felt like a natural transition into Marketing as I had been always helping behind the scenes for many years, 2019 being the first year I took an official position within the Marketing Team. What can I say I am not someone who cares for titles but rather stands by the quality of my work as a reward in of itself. If you ever have a question or wish to know more about marketing please don't hesitate to send me an email, we are always open to questions as they inspire creativity and great new ideas!

Nicole Saliba, Events Officer

My name is Nicole Saliba, I’m 21 years old and I’m from a small (but lovely!) Mediterranean island called Malta. I graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Malta in 2018 and am currently working in the field. My preferred branch of Psychology is Clinical and Health psychology, however, I have always loved the various fields of the subject and would like to explore different options! As a student, I was always very active and could often be found in the midst of University Organized Activities and events. I joined EFPSA in 2017 as the Member Representative of Malta, and then also became part of the Organising Committee of the 32nd EFPSA Congress. In 2018, I held the role of Events Officer, a role which I loved, so much so that I decided to re-apply again for a second year! As Events Officer, I oversee the Organising Committees of all the events which EFPSA holds each mandate together with my 2 right-hand girls, the Events Coordinator and Training Events Coordinator. We work tirelessly to upkeep the standard of our events and make sure to offer the best to Psychology students around Europe. This position has brought a lot of joy to me, I have met so many people and have had the opportunity to experience so many different cultures and perspectives. I also thoroughly enjoy being organised and working hand in hand with the Board of Management in ensuring a better future for EFPSA and others to come. If I had to master any skill in the world, it would definitely be speaking a new language (Spanish perhaps?) and making sushi, so that I could eat a limitless amount of it!

Tea Jermaniš, Vice President

My name is Tea Jermaniš. I am from Croatia and I am 23 years old. I am in my final year of Masters of General Psychology at University of Rijeka. I joined EFPSA four years ago and I have been involved in the EFPSA Working Community since the beginning. There was something at the first EFPSA Congress I attended in Portugal in 2016 that made me instantly fall in love in EFPSA - good old EFPSA spirit. This is my 4th EFPSA mandate and 3rd mandate in the Board of Management. It has been a long journey and I am thrilled that it’s not over yet. Currently, I am the Vice President of EFPSA which means I closely collaborate with the President as a part of Presidential Office. Besides this, I oversee three EFPSA Services - Study & Travel Abroad, Social Impact Initiative and Training Office. These Services provide different opportunities for psychology students (and other) across Europe, from training events, to mental health workshops and internships. As a former EFPSA President, I have general knowledge of the work of the Board of Management and the Presidential Office. I was eager to learn more about EFPSA’s Services and provide the knowledge I currently have for their continuous growth, especially in relations to their external growth, which is the reason I applied for this position. If I could master any skill, it would be mindfulness. I think that if would I live my life mindfully, then it would be easier for me to open up for learning some other useful (or just cool) skills, such as surfing, paying an instrument or gardening.

Umut Doğan Bilici, Finance Officer

My name is Umut Doğan Bilici. I am from Turkey and I am 19 years old (I’ll be 20 by June) I am probably the youngest Board of Management member of EFPSA, which sounds cool to me as dollar signs. I’m an undergraduate student at Çukurova University in Turkey. I want to study Work and Organizational Psychology for my Master’s. I’ve been in EFPSA for two academic years, started from being a volunteer, then became the Local Coordinator for Mind the Mind, from there to Study and Travel Abroad Team, I’ve collected so many beautiful memories in the federation. I was totally impressed when I first got aware of EFPSA and its far-reaching areas all over Europe. The next step for me was to start getting more involved with this monumental federation. And now I am the Finance Officer. I oversee all of the financial situations of our federation and work closely with Partnership Team and Grants Team. My motivation is directly the Federation itself. I still want to grow and learn with EFPSA more and more everyday. If I could master any skills, I would like to draw abstract art.

Mária Melinda Fehér, Member Representatives Officer

My name is Mária Melinda Fehér. I am from Hungary and I am 24 years old. I am in my final year of Masters at ELTE in Budapest, specialising in psychological counselling and school psychology. I have been a volunteer in the campaign “Mind the Mind” for three years now, but I officially joined EFPSA last year, as the Member Representative of Hungary. Currently I am the Member Representatives Officer and I oversee the work of the Members Office. It coordinates and supports the Member Representatives and Vice Member Representatives, but also guides student organisations through the EFPSA membership process. My favourite part of this position is that I am directly connected to every Member Representative. Working with this large team is just as challenging as entertaining. I was always fascinated by the opportunities we have to contribute to psychology even as students, and in EFPSA, our work has an impact that goes beyond borders. Showing the Member Organisations this outstanding power can lead to greater achievements that have positive effects on a European, organisational and also on an individual level. And this drives me the most in this position. If I could master any skill, I think it would be the ability to fall asleep immediately whenever I want.

Vita BogdanićAcademic Affairs Officer

My name is Vita Bogdanić, I’m 23 years old and I come from Croatia. I finished my bachelor’s degree in psychology in Croatia and I am currently in my gap year before my masters. This was the best decision I’ve ever made as it gave me a chance to travel, volunteer and gain experience. However, the best part of it all was meeting amazing people and making friends for life. I will now continue with my master’s studies abroad and I am mostly interested in cognitive and organizational psychology. I would like to continue with research master, and I’m also eager to learn more about ways psychology could be applied. My EFPSA adventure began 3 years ago in the “Mind the Mind” campaign and I am currently an Academic Affairs Officer. This is a great chance to improve the quality of scientific part of EFPSA and inform more students about the importance of research in psychology. My main aim is to strengthen the relationship of EFPSA and professionals, including universities. I am also responsible for overseeing the work of our services - Journal of European Psychology Students and Junior Research Programme. These services give psychology students an opportunity to conduct supervised research and to publish it in our journal. If I had to choose a skill to master it would be skydiving. From that day on you wouldn’t see me on the ground.