The Board of Management (BM) is a team of seven individuals responsible for maintaining the ethos of EFPSA and providing foundations for the organisation’s growth and contributing toward the strategic, long term, development of EFPSA in order to meet the needs and interests of European psychology students. The Board of Management providing oversight and support to all teams and activities of the Federation and work on various common projects in order to reach EFPSA’s goals.

Tea Jermaniš, President

I am currently studying for my master’s degree at the University of Rijeka in Croatia. My main interests in psychology are in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, but I find a wide range of topics in psychology interesting and fascinating. I am involved in different research areas, as I want to gain more knowledge about different fields of psychology during my master. I am also looking for different internship or MSc opportunities abroad for after my studies. I’m eager to learn, not only about psychology, which is why I always wanted to be involved in different projects and organisations as an active volunteer. I believe that, as students, we get a lot of opportunities which can lead to different experiences and gaining more knowledge. The most important thing we need is motivation. My high motivation is the reason why I got involved in EFPSA. In return, EFPSA provided me with the best experience of my life. As a member of Board of Management 2017-2018, I realized the potential EFPSA has for growth and further development. As a President, I would like to focus on expanding our horizons with new partnership organisations across Europe. With upgraded policies and new position papers EFPSA can be more involved in important social matters. Working alongside the rest of the Board of Management, I want to develop new projects and opportunities for students, as well as increase productivity and work efficiency of EFPSA Working Community.

Mary-Ann Kubre, Secretary General

Throughout my life I have been driven by my curiosity and ambition, which is how I have got to where I am currently. During my Undergraduate studies I found myself being drawn towards courses such as Neuroanatomy and Neuropsychology, which is why I decided to focus on just that in my Postgraduate. I moved halfway through Europe to Germany for that dream, and am now doing my Postgraduate at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, MSc. My main interests in said field are synaesthesia and colour perception and I will try and tie those interests with my current studies and future projects. When I'm not stuck studying at the university, I enjoy reading a good book, doing some sports and catching up on my favourite shows. However, I cannot stay put for too long as I start feeling restless. My curiosity led me to join EFPSA for the 2015-2016 mandate as a Vice Member Representative for Estonia. After holding various positions within the Executive Board, I now find myself a part of the Board of Management. A similar pattern happened in our Member Organisation in Estonia, EPSÜ. There I also started out as a Regular Member and last year ended up in the Board of Management. In those moments I felt ready and that I was the person for said jobs so I decided to give it a chance and I am very grateful others had trust in me and my abilities. Of course, this journey has not been just a smooth ride, but rather a rollercoaster full of challenges and obstacles. But it has all been worth it and I know even more great things are to come.

Elvira Aghalarova, Marketing Officer

I am from Azerbaijan and I am currently in the last year of my Bachelor’s studies in psychology at Baku State University. The two most interesting branches of psychology for me are forensic and neuro- cognitive psychology. Therefore after finishing Bachelor degree, I would like to continue my Master degree in one of these fields. Despite this, I am interested in music, art and photography. I believe in nothing, but universe and the motto of my life’s philosophy is ‘’You live only once’’, that’s why with the sense of purpose I am trying as much new things in life as possible. I have joined EFPSA during the 31st Congress and the spirit of this organisation in general and all participants separately left me amazed. The mood that is reign during events can not be expressed in words, only being in the process you can understand the atmosphere of EFPSA. This mandate I would like to make EFPSA even more recognisable organisation, by bringing into life new projects, concentrating on promotion and showing people who stand behind everything, that nowadays give an opportunity for you to observe the process and be a part of it.

Nicole Saliba, Events Officer

I am currently in my final year of the Bachelor of Psychology (hons) at the University of Malta. When finishing my degree, I intend to focus on Clinical Psychology as this is a field that I find truly interesting. I am also interested in Social Psychology, the behaviour of people in groups and social situations, and Health Psychology. As a student, I am very active, and can often be found in the midst of university organized activities and events! In my free time I enjoy travelling to new countries, being immersed in different cultures and enjoying breathtaking views. After being Member Representative of Malta in EFPSA, and Co-head of the Scientific Team of the 32nd EFPSA Congress, I can say I truly fell in love with EFPSA. I enjoy being part of something bigger and actively working with other students to provide opportunities to others. As events officer, I will do my utmost to uphold the professional level of events and to guide organizing committees on their journey.

George Savage, Vice President

After completing my Bachelors in Psychology at Dublin Business School in the Republic of Ireland, I continued my studies with a Master in Mental Health & Family Therapy Applied Psychology at Ulster University. My Main interest is in Clinical Psychology. I am currently working for multiple charity organizations, such as the Criminal Youth Justice by helping young offender rehabilitate by means of restorative justice. I am currently engrossed in the techniques of Low Intensity Cognitive Behavior Therapy, based of the IAPT system introduced in England. I love to learn about new techniques and research methods. My passion is for helping people, thus it was a natural progression to help students. I accomplished this by helping to set up the first Student Union in my college, with being awarded student of the year in my final year of my Bachelor’s. My beginnings in EFPSA started with being a Vice-Member Representative in 2016. I learned about the people and the services within EFPSA and fell in love with what students were capable of doing. I was in awe with the professionalism and what an organization of student could do. I thought to myself there is nowhere else, I wanted to spend my time but with the amazing people in EFPSA.

Ying Wai Cheung, Finance Officer

I’m a Dutch-Chinese student finishing my Bachelors at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. I enjoy visiting new places, love watching a good match of football and have an odd fascination for traffic jams. In my studies I’m mainly interested in Organizational and Social Psychology. Next year I’m going to take a gap year to focus on my personal development outside of my studies. After my gap year, I will most likely do my Masters in the field of Consultancy and Organisational Development. My board and international experience started with the Erasmus Student Network, the Dutch Member Organization (SPS-NIP), a local NGO. Thanks to SPS-NIP I got in contact with EFPSA. This journey started with being in two Organising Committees (JRPC 2016 and TtT 2017). I loved the diversity and enthusiasm of EFPSA Working Community. After that I went to Hong Kong to study a semester abroad. When I came back, I got the chance to become Finance Officer. I saw this Office as the perfect opportunity to put my interests in management, finance and internationalisation to use. In my opinion, EFPSA still has a lot of room for growth. I view this position as an opportunity to make an impact on the Events and Services of EFPSA to ensure the sustainability, improvement and expansion of this Federation for all European psychology students.

Victoria Joy Firsching, Member Representatives Officer

Having completed my Master in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, I am currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Intervention Science at the University of Basel in Switzerland. With my research team, we are looking at the role of Psychological Flexibility in mental health and well-being. I am also researching the effects of stress and emotion regulation on sleep, a topic that is very fascinating to me. Before studying psychology, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and this is where I first got in touch with student organisations. Since then I have always been volunteering, gaining experience in a variety of positions from finance to the organisation of events. Joining EFPSA in 2015 opened up a new world for me. Not only is EFPSA a great group of humans that strive to develop psychology and diversity in Europe, I also admire the way members treat each other with respect and compassion, enabling everyone to be themselves. As Member Representatives Officer, it is my privilege to support a group of representatives from 35 different countries in growing and promoting EFPSA and the bonds between the psychology students in Europe. My aim is to foster connection and communication between the psychology students’ associations in Europe as well as establishing new ties with countries that are not yet members of EFPSA. Together with my amazing members office we will do our best to keep the the team motivated and support them in their tasks at all times. I am honored that the members of EFPSA trust me with this task and I always have an open ear and heart for questions and concerns. As to my personal life: When I am not researching or involved in EFPSA, I love playing Dungeons & Dragons and spending time with humans that are dear to me.