EFPSA the Board

The Board

The Board is a team of eight individuals responsible for maintaining the ethos of EFPSA, providing foundations for the organisation’s growth and contributing toward the strategic, long term, development of EFPSA in order to meet the needs and interests of European psychology students. The Board oversees the EFPSA Working Community as well as Supporting Community, and supports all teams and activities of the Federation and works on various common projects in order to reach EFPSA’s goals.

Vita Bogdanić, President

Hi, my name is Vita Bogdanić. I come from Croatia and I am currently pursuing my master’s degree at three universities in the Netherlands, Germany and next year I will be moving to Spain. I began my EFPSA journey four years ago by volunteering for the “Mind the Mind” campaign and throughout the years I was involved in different EFPSA projects and became part of the EFPSA Working Community by joining the Research Programme team. Last year I was the Academic Affairs Officer in the Board of Management of EFPSA and this gave me a chance to focus on the scientific side of EFPSA but also to learn about the work of the board leading the organisation. This year, as the President I am involved in every aspect of EFPSA which allows me to see the bigger picture, improve the quality of our projects and set goals for the future of EFPSA. My main focus is on increasing advocacy and expanding visibility of EFPSA, strengthening collaborations with Externals and at the same time creating a cohesive environment within the entire EFPSA Working Community. As the Presidential Office I oversee the work of the Board of Management together with the Vice President and ensure the continuity of projects and growth of EFPSA in the right direction. I also oversee the work of the External Relations Office responsible for writing Policy and Position papers and collaboration with external organisations. In my free time, I enjoy doing yoga, dancing and drawing.

Katja Zemljič, Secretary General

Hi. I am Katja Zemljič and I come from Slovenia. I am in my last year of my MA study of general Psychology at University of Maribor. I first got to know EFPSA through the Mind the Mind campaign where I started as a volunteer in my first year of my study. And I stayed in the campaign since then - I also became a local coordinator for Mind the mind and started a Better Together campaign in Slovenia. Because I loved both campaigns, I joined the Social Impact Initiative as a team member and from then on, my love for EFPSA grew. Meeting new amazing people, sharing EFPSA with others, having new experiences and opportunities to grow and better myself are the reasons I decided to apply for Secretary General. I am responsible for external and internal communication, which means checking email and Facebook messenger first thing in the morning and many times throughout the day. I am responsible for the EFPSA office, which has many different positions: web coordinator, data analyst, hr, content review, and admin support, which means I am learning A LOT (from analysing data, checking content, learning WordPress, to helping with EFPSA magazine). In my (small) amount of free time I like experimenting with makeup and my hair, trying to learn new languages (italian + dutch), and playing ukulele.

Katarina Madunič, Marketing Officer

Hi, my name is Katarina Madunič and I am from Slovenia. Currently, I am in the second year of my BA study of general Psychology at the University of Ljubljana. I began my EFPSA journey last year as the Member Representative (MR) of Slovenia and I was MR Representative in the Internal Audit Committee. The first EFPSA event that I attended was the 33rd Congress in Denmark and I loved it! EFPSA Congress was really like no other event that I have ever attended and because of that, I wanted to join even more events! After the Congress, I attended EFPSA Academy in Zagreb, EFPSA Conference in Prague, and EB&MR in Slovenia. EFPSA really gave me so many interesting experiences and new friendships. Because I really enjoyed being in EFPSA, I loved to promote it as the MR of Slovenia and I took every chance to do it. And now I am the Marketing Officer. I am currently working with the super talented and motivated team and we are trying to build and maintain EFPSA's reputation with quality materials and good strategy. Our main responsibilities are to take care of the promotion of EFPSA events, to create content and design posts for EFPSA’s social media pages, help other EFPSA services and OrgComs with designs for their social media, we design logos, EFPSA magazine, certificates, take care of EFPSA day… And as you can guess by now, I really like to be creative and I love to try new things and it is the same with my free time. I am always up to try something new, but I also enjoy spending some quality time with my family, friends, dog, and myself.

Bojana Vujović, Events Officer

Hey, you! I’m glad your curiosity led you here to read a bit about me! My name is Bojana. I suppose that already from the sound of my name you could tell I come from the Balkans. Well indeed, I’m from Serbia and I’m currently in my last year of Bachelors’ in Work & Organisational Psychology in Belgrade. My EFPSA journey started only a year ago when I fell in love at first sight with EFPSA and all the opportunities that it offers to psychology students! After the Congress in Denmark I made it my mission to take part in all the upcoming events, either as a participant, a contributor or a Training Events Coordinator that I became at the second half of the past mandate. During this time, I just got more addicted to EFPSA and it became crystal clear to me that I have found a volunteering organisation to stay in, to commit to and grow together with. My one-year long journey has been quite eventful and that’s what brings me to a position of Events Officer! With relevant experience in all of EFPSA’s events I’m here to assure that anyone who gets a taste of EFPSA’s Events is sure to come back for more!

Deianara Couwet, Vice President

Hi! My name is Deianara Couwet and I am in my 3rd bachelors of clinical psychology. I’m from Belgium and started my EFPSA journey last year as the MR of Belgium. My first ever EFPSA experience was at the 33rd Congress in Denmark where I immediately fell in love with EFPSA. Currently, I am the Vice President of EFPSA which means I work closely together with the President in the Presidential Office. I also oversee the 3 Services - Training Office, Social Impact Initiative and Study and Travel Abroad. These Services provide all kinds of opportunities to psychology students across Europe. This ranges from organising trainings to campaigns about mental health to providing internships and much more. Together with the Coordinators and the teams of these Services I want to keep improving our working practices and create more opportunities for psychology students. In my free time, I collect the first Harry Potter book in different languages. Actually, the true reason I wanted to be in EFPSA is so I could travel and buy more Harry Potter books in other languages! 😉

Tobias Laenser, Finance Officer

Greetings to the curious mind reading this. My Name is Tobias Laenser and I come from the farthest northern part of Germany. I am in my second year of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Vienna. After graduation, I am (for now) planning to pursue a career in International Relations and Public Policy. Having graduated in Business and Economics a few years back and already being immersed in an EFPSA environment to some extent through my friends, I took the spontaneous opportunity when a call opened for the Board of Management. Since day one, it has been a joyful, interesting and eventful time full of challenges, new connections and inspiration. As the Finance Officer, I am in charge of all of EFPSA’s operation’s financial and legal aspects, e.g., planning and adapting the budget for the current and upcoming fiscal year, overseeing all contractual procedures and obligations of the federation, as well as supervising the work of the Grants, Finance and Partnership Team. My position demands for me to be involved in almost every activity of EFPSA, enabling me to plan and improve the organisation’s financial sustainability. Moreover, I constantly work on finding new income streams and external partners to expand EFPSA’s operations and further improve the quality of our services. In my free time, I love to meditate, do Yoga, read as well as indulge in fruitful discussions about politics, the unconscious and humanity’s wonders and flaws with my friends.

Martina Marie Aquilina, Member Representatives Officer

Hello! My name is Martina Marie, most people call me Martie for short. At the time that I am writing this, I am a 20-year-old Bachelors student from the little island of Malta! I started my journey of student activism in the Executive/Managing Board of my country's National Organisation, Betapsi Malta, two years ago where I learned about EFPSA from the annual EFPSA Day. In my second year, I actually joined EFPSA as an MR last mandate, where I fell in love with the Federation and the vibrant people immediately! With the support of my own MRO and my personal support network, I applied for Member Representatives Officer, and here I am today! As MRO, I work with and overlook the Members Office. A message from the team: “Whether it’s an EFPSA related question, a technical difficulty, or even personal issue, our ‘outside of the box’ approach ensures that our work is up to a creative and professional standard. The Members Office is responsible for holistically managing relations and activities related to Member and Observer Organisations of the Federation, as well as their Member Representatives. We strive to establish and keep a strong connection between Member Organisations and EFPSA whilst also collaborating with other EFPSA teams and services”. As an MRO, I also form part of the dynamic BM team, which I work with to improve the quality of EFPSA through communication within the community, fortitude in times of crisis, and lots of EFPSA love and hugs!

Ana KraljevićAcademic Affairs Officer

Hi, my name is Ana Kraljević and I come from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am currently in the last year of my Master studies at the University of Zagreb and enjoying every last bit of it. In the next few years, I would like to continue my education and pursue my interests in Health Psychology, Neuropsychology and Cognitive science. I began my EFPSA journey as a Mind the Mind and Better Together volunteer, soon I attended my first EFPSA events, the Congress in Malta and the Conference in Sarajevo. It was at the Congress that I became aware of all the different ways I could be involved in EFPSA so the next year I decided to apply for the position of the MR of Croatia. Currently, I am the Academic Affairs Officer of EFPSA and I am very grateful for my MR experience because it is one of the reasons why I wanted to continue my EFPSA journey. I am responsible for overseeing the work of two services: Journal of European Psychology Students and the EFPSA Research Programme. In this mandate, I will be working on the visibility of these two services and highlighting the scientific aspects of EFPSA. I am looking forward to creating connections and partnerships with universities, professionals and other associations that can benefit our Services and our whole community. In my spare time, I drink a lot of coffee for many hours and spend the rest of my time with my shovel...gardening.