Apply to host a Training Event! Call for Org Coms of EA 2021 and TAT 2022!

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Would you like to host a Training Event? Open Call for Org Coms of EFPSA Academy 2021 and EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers 2022!


Do you remember the call for the Org Com of the very first physical event of the mandate 2020/2021, the Train the Trainers Winter School? Remember that time when hosting a physical event seemed like a mission impossible in the times we live in?

I am delighted to inform you that I am writing this open call from the Winter TtT event, taking place at the moment of speaking in Bursa, Turkey! The new generation of EFPSA Trainers is being forged in rooms around me, while I am waiting for them to finish their sessions to inform them of the new opportunities that are awaiting them to demonstrate their newly acquired training skills!

We have made sure it is doable, now it is time to advance. With all the health measures in place and tests administered upon arrival of participants, we are making sure that every physical EFPSA event becomes a safe space for anyone attending or hosting it.

After hosting 16 participants at the Winter TtT we would like to provide more EFPSA enthusiasts with the opportunity to attend EFPSA events – both in person and online!



This is an open call for Org Coms of the physical EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers 2022 and the Virtual EFPSA Academy 2021! 


Are you an individual interested in hosting one of these two events and becoming a member of our Working Community? Would you like to volunteer for the biggest European student organisation? Do you have a group of psychology-studying colleagues to apply with you or are you an individual wanting to apply for a specific position in the team? Are you looking forward to finally organising a physical event or do you prefer the comfort of virtual events? We have it all!

It is up to you! You can either apply as a hosting country for the EFPSA TAT and host this event in person in February 2022 together with your friends or you can apply as an individual for a position in the multicultural team where you already know what position would be just the right fit for you and host the EFPSA Academy online in May 2021.

Here is some more information to help you make the right choice! Keep in mind the timing of when the events are planned to take place! Virtual EFPSA Academy is happening only 2 months from now and TAT is happening 12 months from now! Whatever you decide, you will never be alone in the organising process. EFPSA’s Events Office and your fellow Org Com members will be there to support you and share the efforts of planning a Training Event! 


EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers 2022


Train Advanced Trainers is a 9 day long non-formal educational event at which experienced youth NGO trainers can further develop their skills and knowledge through receiving training from both professionals and their peers, as well as gain valuable experience through delivering sessions and receiving feedback. A further intention of the event is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and networking between trainers, many of whom represent other student organisations. 


This event is planned to take place in February 2022. It is one of the few EFPSA events that are open to non-psychology students and externals. The TAT is designed for up to 24 experienced trainers from various NGOs and offers an opportunity to further develop training skills within a specific topic. The purpose of TAT is to enable experienced trainers to grow professionally, heighten their motivation, establish a strong and rich students’ network, share experiences and make lifelong friendships.


The number of participants:  24 participants, 6 expert trainers, 1 Board Responsible

Org Com Structure: Coordinator, Administration, Social, Marketing, Finance.

OrgCom Size : 5 people

Time: February 2021

Place: The country of the elected Org Com!


Virtual EFPSA Academy 2021


EFPSA Academy is a multidisciplinary training event that brings together volunteers of European youth non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to enable them to develop professionally, establish networks, heighten their motivation, and share experiences while equipping them with a variety of skills and knowledge concerning a specific core topic on youth entrepreneurship skills. The event lasts three days and invites 30 student volunteers representing different youth NGOs and students with an interest to become involved in NGOs, different fields of studies, and different parts of Europe and a team of trainers to provide a rich training experience!


The event is planned to take place online already in May 2021! It is another one of the few EFPSA events that are open to non-psychology students and externals! This represents an incredible opportunity to network and collaborate with professionals from various fields and partner organisations!


The number of participants: 30 participants, 4 Trainers, 1 Board Responsible

Org Com Structure: Coordinator, Administration, Social, Marketing, Finance.

OrgCom Size : 5 people

Time: May 2021

Place: Online


So, what is in it for you? 


The Organising Committee of TAT will have the opportunity to:

  • Bring together people from many NGOs and get a look at the inside of other NGOs
  • Contribute to the development of 24 European Youth Trainers
  • Network with some of the best European Youth Trainers and have the possibility to contact them in the future for training sessions in your own association
  • Gain valuable experience in organising a training event in order to develop yourself as an aspiring trainer
  • Attain detailed Certificates of Contribution to EFPSA
  • Attend the EFPSA MeetUp and Joint EB&MR (Coordinators only)


How do you apply? 


  1. Read the EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers Org Com Coordinator Role Description 2020_2021 / EFPSA Academy Org Com Coordinator Role Description 2020_2021, General Org Com Roles Descriptions and the General Prerequisites Document 2020_2021. It is of utmost importance that you fulfil the requirements listed in the aforementioned document.
  2. Recruit motivated students from your Member Organisation or university to form the Organising Committee (5 of you in total) and provide a Supporting Letter from your Member Organisation if you are applying to host TAT or pick a position for yourself if you are applying as an individual for the Virtual EFPSA Academy Org Com.
  3. Brainstorm ideas and plans for the venue, excursion day, fundraising and more if applicable to the event you’re applying for. Ask the Training Office, Events Office and former Org Com for help and input if needed!
  4. Search for possible partnerships with other local student organisations that might be interested in getting involved.
  5. Download and fill the Application Form for the EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers Org Com Coordinator 2022 for you and your team if you are applying to host the TAT and send it along with your CV and proof of studies to or fill out this Virtual EFPSA Academy Application Form and apply as an individual if you are interested in hosting the Virtual EFPSA Academy.
  6. The deadline to apply is Sunday 28th of February 2021 at 23:59 (CET).


Responsible for a successful organisation of this event is the Organising Committee composed of 5 members together with Training Events Coordinator from within the Events Office and Training Events Responsible from within the Training Office. Collectively, the Organising Committee should arrange all practical elements of the event, including its venue, food and accommodation of participants and Trainers. Training Events Coordinator will guide the OrgCom in the organisational process and facilitate collaboration with other EFPSA Offices and Services. Training Events Responsible will undertake the preparations for the training programme, including the Call for Trainers’ Team. 


All Org Com Coordinators work in close collaboration with the Events Office in order to ensure that events are organised in accordance with the mission, vision and values of EFPSA and the requirements specified by the Board and the Minimal Requirements document. All Org Coms will be asked to sign the Contract of Collaboration between Org Coms and EFPSA.

After successful completion of the event, the Org Com provides a thorough Knowledge Transfer in order to receive Certificates of Contribution to EFPSA with demonstrated skills and hours of volunteering work featured in them. 

The Org Com Coordinators are invited to join the EFPSA MeetUp in March 2021 in Turkey (SOON!!!) and the Joint Executive Board and Member Representatives Meeting in October 2021 in Malta!


If you have any other comments or questions, feel free to contact me, Bojana Vujović, at


We are looking forward to receiving your application! 

Good luck!

Bojana Vujović

Events Officer of EFPSA 2020/2021