Call for Supervisors of EFPSA Research Programme 2021/2022!

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Call for Supervisors of EFPSA Research Programme 2021/2022!!


EFPSA Research Programme is happy to announce the call for the Research Programme Supervisors of 2021/2022.
Who: PhD or PostDoc researchers in psychology!
What: Supervisor at EFPSA’s Research Programme – E mental health: Changing perspectives towards implementation strategies. The end product of the programme is a cross-cultural research project!
Application Deadline: 03.02.2021 – 24.02.2021, 23:59 (CET)


Are you a PhD or PostDoc researcher in psychology who would like to be a Supervisor for an international group of six motivated and dedicated students working on a research project?
Do you want to help us contribute to the development of the academic community by mentoring the young researchers of tomorrow?
If your answer is yes, then apply for EFPSA’s Research Programme 2021.
The theme is E-mental Health: changing perspectives towards implementation strategies, which means that any topic or research area within these fields is eligible.


What is EFPSA’s Research Programme

The EFPSA Research Programme (EFPSA RP) is an EFPSA Service, consisting of a twelve-month research programme reuniting students, PhDs,  postdoctoral researchers and established academics. This programme constitutes a unique opportunity, having as aim gaining research abilities, teamwork and interpersonal skills in the process of conducting research. Undergraduates or master students are supervised by a PhD or postdoctoral researcher, this way having the chance to publish before graduation. More information can be found here.


About the annual theme

The need for adequate e-mental health practices has never been greater, than in the battle with the current pandemic and lifestyle. It is shown that the pandemic has impacted people’s psychological well-being.

Even though technology has advanced rapidly, e-mental health requires further development. The current literature for e-mental health interventions, as well as a demonstration of clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in real-world settings, remains inadequate.

The past decade has been marked with an increased awareness of the importance of mental health in our everyday lives, this awareness in return has contributed to the increased necessity for mental health services that are currently beyond the reach of any healthcare system. Researchers in the field of mental health and public health have been identifying the most sustainable systems that would be accessible and practical to a wide population, one of the most prominent approaches is the development of E-mental Health practices. Furthermore, by researching or developing E-Mental Health practices, we can assist policymakers to develop adequate policies to positively benefit society, as a whole. 

As a student organisation, we see the potential and necessity to guide research practices towards issues that are relevant and that require our attention as psychologists.

Our programme will provide a platform for cross-cultural research and allow you to develop research projects that may contribute to the understanding of E-mental health practices and their journey towards implementation strategies. As we strongly believe that the importance of this has never been greater. 


What are the benefits of being a Research Programme Supervisor

  • Opportunity to develop and conduct a research project in a cross-cultural setting
  • Opportunity to collaborate with EFPSA and become a part of our Supporting Community. 
  • Opportunity to inspire and educate young researchers.
  • Development of leadership and communication skills that are a valuable asset of every academic position.
  • Opportunity to attend the Research Summer School free of charge.

What are the stages of the Research Programme

In all, there are seven stages of the Research Programme involvement:

  1. Attendance at the Research Summer School (RSS) in July.
  2. Writing the Registered Report (RR) in the two months after Research Summer School (until September).
  3. Working continuously on the tasks for the research project and maintaining communication with the team. Communicate regularly with the RP Team on your research progress.
  4. Attending online trainings (in November and March). 
  5. Attending the mid-programme meeting in January/ February (not mandatory). 
  6. Presenting the work-to-date at EFPSA Annual Congress.
  7. Submit completed research papers to the RP Team. All teams have the possibility to publish in JEPS. For more information on publishing in JEPS please refer to document.


How do I apply?

To start the application process first carefully read the Research Programme Guidelines for more general information about our programme.  To find out about the Supervisor’s role and eligibility criteria please read the Supervisors Guidelines document.  After reading these two documents you can start the process by filling in this application form. At the end of the application form, you will upload your Research Proposal, Motivational (Cover) Letter, and Proof of Studies.

If you know anyone who might be interested in applying for this position, please feel welcome to share this information with them. Please contact should you have any questions about the Supervisors recruitment process.

You can follow our event and the Research Programme on Facebook for more information!

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

Marija, Vladimir, Teodora, and Ana,

Research Programme team 2021-2022