Will the Working Community meet this mandate? OPEN CALL

November 25, 2020 activities 0 Comments

Dear EFPSAnauts and EFPSA friends,

The time has come to try to answer the question we have all been keeping in the back of our minds since the news of the Congress 2021 moving from the Netherlands to online came out. This mandate turned out to be special in many different ways- first, we started our mandate online, we introduced Virtual EFPSA Events, they turned out to be a total success with more applicants than we get for physical events, we changed the voting system, the EFPSA Magazine never looked as cool, we renamed Domestic to Internal Regulations, introduced a special Winter edition of Train the Trainers and many many more things with one more to add to the list –  we are now introducing a new EFPSA event, only for the extraordinary circumstances of the times we live in!

Since both the starting and the middle point of our mandate, the Congress and the Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting, happened online, we have decided to try our best and bring the Working Community of EFPSA together to celebrate the ending of this extraordinary mandate in person – at the EFPSA Working Community Meetup!

I suppose many questions arise in your mind as you read this, like – where?   when? — who is going to organise it? – what will the Working Community do there? – what about the pandemic? – can I come even though I am not in the Working Community? – are you out of your minds? The list goes on…

There is a great field of uncertainty surrounding this spark of an idea, but the will to pull this through is greater and is beginning to slowly uncloud the skies above. Opportunities are beginning to arise in the far horizon of April 2021 and people are regaining their hope that a physical event for about 100 people might be possible. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. A constant reminder of how times like this shape our identity, carved in our Internal Regulations lies the value of fortitude – to have courage in adversity and unforeseen circumstances. 

The Board of Management of EFPSA has decided to open the doors of opportunity. By opening this call, we are inviting those who are agile, brave and daring to enter the history of EFPSA by organising an event for the  Working Community that will be worth all the screen time of this mandate. We are assembling an Extraordinary Organising Committee that will be working for the next five months to bring this event to life! We need adaptable, motivated individuals who will form an international Org Com to explore all possible options of meeting in times of the pandemic and make fantasy our reality!

Extraordinary Org Com Hard Facts 

Who can apply? Any psychology student (or graduated no longer than two years ago) willing to commit to this goal. 

What is the structure of the Org Com? 8 people – the Coordinator (Tobias Laenser, our Finance Officer), Co-Coordinator, Finance Team (2 positions), Administration Team (2 positions), Social Team (2 positions).

What is the Org Com responsible for? Read this Role Description document.

What is in there for you? 

  • Doing what no one thought could be done
  • Working in a culturally diverse team of motivated individuals
  • Playing a leading role in the realisation of the first and only physical Working Community meeting in the mandate of 2020/2021
  • Learning how to organise big events in short time frames
  • Developing skills for working in virtual teams
  • Learning how to be agile in these unprecedented times
  • Familiarising yourself with different countries’ event planning protocols
  • Becoming an expert in event organisation in less than five months
  • Attaining detailed certificates of contribution to EFPSA
  • Being present for all days of the EFPSA Meetup, even if you are not a part of the Working Community 2020/2021
  • Becoming a part of the biggest European psychology students’ federation!


EFPSA Working Community Meetup Hard Facts 

When? In April 2021 

Where? In a country of your choice.

For how many people? Only for the Working Community 2020/2021 (approx. 120 people)

What is the purpose of the event? To mark the end of the mandate 2020/2021.

If this sounds like a task you would be willing to sign up for, submit your application to join the Extraordinary Organising Community until the 2nd of December 2020 23:59 CET and wait for us to contact you to let you know about your application status!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me at events@efpsa.org. 

Without you, we can not do this.

EFPSA hugs,

Bojana Vujović
Events Officer