Apply now to host the upcoming Train the Trainers Winter School!

October 18, 2020 activities 0 Comments

Wait, what? Yes, you read it well- TtT Winter School!

This mandate, due to the postponement of the usual annual Train The Trainers Summer School, we are introducing a special edition of EFPSA’s Train The Trainers School in winter! Due to the size of this event, which is significantly smaller than any other EFPSA event, this is going to be an event that is NOT happening online but actually taking place in one of the 33 countries that are members of the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations.

Which country? – one might wonder. Now this is the question that will be answered only after this call closes. What this means is that we are looking for the Organising Committee Coordinator of the 11th edition of EFPSA Train The Trainers and that it can be YOU to host the most important of all EFPSA’s training events! If this sounds like a challenge you feel up to, then you have come to the right place!

This is a call for those who are interested in playing a key role in the creation of the next generation’s EFPSA Trainers! Without an Organising Committee, such an event could not take place and many aspiring psychology students would be left without an opportunity that every year EFPSA provides them with – to become internationally recognised and highly skilled soft-skills Trainers of the biggest European psychology students’ association. 

Alright, but what is in there for me? – the question arises. 

Being in the Organising Committee will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Network with other European Psychology Students and learn about different cultures and experiences
  • Make more international connections
  • Get experience with organising events in order to develop yourself
  • Establish teamwork and communication skills whilst working within a dynamic team of individuals and EFPSA volunteers

If you have ever attended a training session delivered by an EFPSA trainer, you most certainly already have a feeling of what kind of energy Trainers bring into the room. Now imagine 15 of TtT participants and 7 Trainers at one place, sharing all the training skills they have in a friendly and growth-inspiring environment! You would be there, present at all times, soaking in bits of that knowledge yourself and working with the most enthusiastic psychology students you might ever meet. Sounds like a good place to be at, doesn’t it? The overall result of seeing determined and inspired people thanks to your efforts will leave you with enduring memories for many, many years!

Of course, in order to reach this point of actually hosting the event, there will be quite some tasks to do beforehand! In this TtT Org Com Coordinator Role Description Documentyou will find an outline of your tasks. The workload will be distributed among your Organising Committee members (Org Com’s Roles Descriptions) and at all times you will have unconditional support from EFPSA’s Events Office members – Training Events Coordinator & Events Officer, while at the same time collaborating with other EFPSA’s teams – the Training Offi, the Finance Office, the Marketing Office, the EFPSA Office etc. Organising an event in these unprecedented times brings a lot of uncertainties, but one thing, for certain, is certain- while organising an EFPSA event you will never be alone! For the purpose of making this event happen, we will be in constant communication, having frequent online meetings, sharing knowledge, tips & tricks, good and bad practices and what not! On top of all of that, during this mandate, the Events Office has also been working on introducing more benefits to all OrgCom members, that will soon start to be implemented!

Here you can read some hard facts regarding the event organisation that you should keep in mind when applying to host it.

Train the Trainers Winter School Hard Facts:

The Train the Trainers Winter School is an amazing week full of knowledge, development, challenges, fun, and friendship. This event features experiential and non-formal education aimed at providing its 15 participants with insights and tutoring on a broad set of skills and knowledge about delivering training and information. Throughout this week, EFPSA’s Training Office is delivering training sessions to prepare the chosen 15 psychology students to become Trainers.

  • When? End of February / beginning of March 2021. 
  • Where? In accommodation and a venue that you will find in the city of your choice.
  • For how many people? 15 TtT participants, 6 Training Office members, 1 Chair Trainer, 1 Board of Management Representative and 3 members of your OrgCom present during the event. 
  • How long will the event last? 7 entire days + 1 arrival and 1 departure day for the participants; Trainers arrive two days earlier and stay one day longer! 
  • How many OrgCom members should you recruit? Maximum 5 OrgCom members including you as the Coordinator, of which 3 will be present during the event.

I hope that all this information has sparked the interest in you to consider hosting this event! Events Office is eagerly expecting to welcome a new Organising Committee to our Supporting Community and you as its Coordinator to our Working Community of the most intense mandate 2020-2021! 

For any further questions, before or after filling out the Application form, do not hesitate to contact me at If you have training-related questions then you can write directly to Vera at

How to apply?

  1. Read the following documents:
    TtT Org Com Coordinator Role Description
    Org Com’s Roles Descriptions
    General Prerequisites Document
  2. Recruit motivated students from your Member Organisation or University to form the Organising Committee.
  3. Brainstorm on ideas and plans for the venue, fundraising and more. Reach out to Events Office, Training Office and former Organising Committee for help and input if needed!
  4. Search for possible partnerships with other local student organisations that might be interested in getting involved.
  5. Download and fill in the Application Form and send it along with your CV and proof of studies to

The deadline for applying for hosting this event is Sunday 25th of October 2020, 23:59 (CET).

Good luck with your application! 🙂

Bojana Vujovic, Events Officer