Call for EFPSA Research Programme Participants 2020!

  • Who: European Bachelor and Master-level students in psychology!
  • What: Research Programme
  • Programme Theme: Occupational & Health Psychology: Fostering a Healthier Workplace in and out of the Pandemic
  • Deadline: 12th of June 2020, 23:59 CEST

Are you a motivated European Bachelor or Master-level psychology student? And are you interested in conducting a one-year cross-cultural research project together with students from all over Europe? Do you want to gain experience in every aspect of research, from designing the study to data collection to communicating the results? If your answer is yes, apply to become a participant of the EFPSA Research Programme!

What is EFPSA Research Programme?

The EFPSA Research Programme (EFPSA RP) is an EFPSA Service through which a twelve-month research programme is run. This programme involves students, PhD and postdoctoral researchers, and established academics offering a unique opportunity to develop research abilities, teamwork, leadership, interpersonal skills and academic skills. Each year there are (maximum of) six teams, which are made up of (maximum of six) undergraduate or master students and are led by a PhD or a postdoctoral researcher referred to as a Supervisor. The programme begins with the Research Summer School (RSS) that takes place annually in July.

This year the Research Summer School has accommodated to the current pandemic situation and will take place from 13th until the 19th of July 2020 on an online platform. We had to make some changes but the essentials of the programme will remain the same, the difference is that we will start this wonderful experience on our laptops from the comfort of our homes.

The usual cost of the participation fee in the previous editions of the RSS was approximately 200 euros per participant. This year’s participation fee is significantly reduced due to the event being organised online.

Once the RSS concludes, the research groups continue to work on their research. In the previous years, we have encouraged our research teams to organise in-person meeting between December and January. Now more than ever would this meeting be beneficial for the teams and depending on the pandemic situation the teams will be encouraged to meet this year as well. 

The groups have a chance to present their progress at the annual EFPSA Congress in April and publish their work in the Journal of European Psychology Students.

The participation fee for RSS 2020 is 15€


How to apply?

More about the RSS and this year’s theme can be found in the Portfolio.

Please ensure you indicate your Research Projects preference, and carefully read the EFPSA Research Summer School 2020 Student Application Guide before sending your application.

In order to apply, please complete and submit the application form, and attach your CV here. 


If you have any questions, we are happy to hear from you at

We look forward to receiving your application!