Name: Tea Jermaniš

Age: 24

Country: Croatia

Studies & University: Master’s in Psychology, University of Rijeka


Why did you join the Board of Management?

I was the President last year and when you are in the Board of Management, you realise how one year goes by so quickly and you can’t achieve all the things you had in mind. I was having more ideas and my motivation was still really high for EFPSA so I decided to apply again. However, I wanted a new challenge and I wanted to learn even more about EFPSA. I was always really interested in the Services and as Vice President I am able to be part of three amazing Services, which provide great opportunities for psychology students. Every BM I was part of (this is the 3rd one) was the most supporting, motivating and inspiring team ever and I learnt so much from them which pushed me even more to apply again! To be honest – it is harder to decide not to apply again than to apply.


What is the best thing about your position?

The best thing about being a Vice President is that you work with four very different teams: Social Impact Initiative, Study & Travel Abroad, Training Office and Board of Management. All of them are specific and amazing in their own way, which makes this position really valuable because you learn about different working practices and leadership styles. You also learn a lot about EFPSA in general because you work really close with the President, you have to coordinate the rest of the Board of Management, and you are usually the mediator when one of your Services need help from another team or Service. You can also decide for yourself when you want to be involved in a certain project or with a Service more which makes the position quite flexible. Also, as any position in BM, you are surrounded by such inspiring and motivating people through the whole year!


What is the biggest challenge you had to face with this mandate?

The biggest challenge I faced this mandate was the transition from President to Vice President position and the fact that last year was extremely exhausting for me as I studied full time and had to lead EFPSA. As much as I am grateful for that mandate, by the end of it I was tired and I needed a break, but I still wasn’t ready to say goodbye to EFPSA and I had the motivation to continue. However, continuing without a break for myself led to lack of motivation and stress at the beginning of my new mandate which is something I have been struggling with. In the end, I always find the motivation to work for EFPSA but I am not completely satisfied with my work compared to last year. I am lucky, though, for the support I am getting from the whole BM which is making this struggle almost invisible! 


How did you maintain your EFPSA responsibilities with your other responsibilities?

Being in BM and studying full time can sometimes get overwhelming but I always managed to organise my time and maintain my work, study and social life. What helped me in this was definitely my motivation for EFPSA, which varied from time to time, but it always pushed forward me in the end. I organised and scheduled my time when I would work for EFPSA and when I would study, for example. I also knew when to take breaks from EFPSA, too, which is also really important. Being in BM is actually quite flexible and you can adjust your working hours and work when you feel like it. When I would have a really busy period with other responsibilities or I needed a longer break, I always asked other BM members for help and they were always a huge support for me!


What skills have you acquired during this mandate? 

I always say being in EFPSA is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I acquired various skills over the years I worked for EFPSA. As a Vice President, I work with several teams because of which I developed my leadership and communication skills even more. I am also more organised and responsible. EFPSA and BM in particular pushes you to think critically and to be objective in various discussions, which is a really valuable skill. You also have to respect others’ opinions and be open minded in discussions. Besides this, I learnt a lot from others in BM and individuals I am working with about various topics, from cultural differences, marketing and finance to documenting and data privacy. Most importantly, during the years and this mandate, EFPSA gave me confidence in my work and my abilities and I will forever be grateful for that.  

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