Second Postcard from the Board of Management 2019-2020


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Board of Management

The Board of Management worked full speed in the past month. Proof per positions were issued, comments on Action Plans were provided and the May E-Voting was successfully conducted. All proposed proposals were approved. 

Members of the Board are excited to be joining the 16th European Congress of Psychology in Moscow in the first week of July 2019. Ying Wai Cheung (President), Tea Jermaniš (Vice President), Vita Bogdanić (Academic Affairs Officer) and Kotryna Danielevičiūtė (External Relations Coordinator) will be presenting EFPSA during the week, attend EFPA’s General Assembly and meet various professionals with potential collaborations in minds. 

The Board of Educational Affairs of EFPA is still looking into gathering information regarding the Bachelor degree in Psychology (or variations) in different European countries, with the aim of assessing quality and standards in the different countries, competencies gained, as well as employ-ability following successful graduation. If you graduated from a Bachelor degree in Psychology, please fill in this survey.


Study & Travel Abroad

During this short period of working and settling into the new positions, Study & Travel Abroad Team already has some exciting news to announce. First,  there are three exchanges going on: Turkey-Slovenia, Turkey-Greece and Malta-Romania. Other exchanges are being currently discussed. Moreover, a new collaboration has been created with the school of psychology at Queen’s University Belfast, UK. They will take a summer intern for next year. We are very happy about those new possibilities and will further work on getting more internship collaborations. As you might have seen, we have started our social media work on Facebook and Instagram. So, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for some great social media campaigns around the best leisure time activity: traveling!


Training Office

The Training Office has chosen this year’s lucky 12 participants of Train the Trainers Summer School and the Trainers’ Team is currently working hard to create an unforgettable week for our community’s newest trainers candidates. More updates about TtT will be shared in EFPSA Training Facebook page in upcoming days. 

In addition to that, the Training Office is in the very first and fruitful steps of a nice collaboration with Metafox for training materials and more! You can check what it is and what they do on their website. Also, TO is working in the improvement of its digital image and continues the effort to offer as many training opportunities to its family, the Trainers’ Community! 

Last but not least, we are working to improve our community in every way with online trainings. This year, with the help of the EFPSA Office, we are going to actively try to establish online training sessions within EFPSA and it’s Working Community.


Social Impact Initiative

Social Impact Initiative has a great and highly motivated team with many ideas on how to improve our Service and extend our reach. We have started strong with Mental Health Awareness Week. Daily posts were created and published on Social Impact Initiative Facebook page

Apart from that, we took over the mentorship of Local Coordinators and are currently sending out evaluation forms to conclude the 5th wave of the Mind the Mind Campaign. We are evaluating and planning the next wave of Better Together and are also keeping up with Organised Acts of Kindness posts. Now, there are monthly challenges which you can track on our Instagram – we can’t wait to see your contributions!


Junior Research Programme

The beginning of the mandate was very busy for our Junior Research Programme. The team is full of new ideas for the upcoming mandate and motivated to put them into practice. They are working hard on organising the upcoming European Summer School 2019, but also preparing the programme for Junior Research Programme Conference 2019 that will take place in August. Final groups of Supervisors and Participants are formed, and the team is writing official guidelines for the upcoming ESS. The team is also collaborating with the Advisory Board for JRP Supervisors, as well as our Journal of European Psychology Students’ Team Members.


Journal of European Psychology Students’

Apart from the team continuously working on journal articles, JEPS has been working on several exciting projects. In May, our Journal of European Psychology Students’ Coordinators Eva and Leonhard attended the 11th Cracow Cognitive Science Conference in Cracow, Poland. There, they presented EFPSA to a crowd of Cognitive Science students and researchers and they delivered an extensive workshop on Registered Reports. 

In June, the first mandate of JEPS Ambassadors has concluded and is now under evaluation. With these insights and new ideas, the team is preparing to implement the next wave of the Ambassadors.

JEPS has also been collaborating with JRP for the European Summer School, and one of their members – Patrick – will attend the event and present Registered Report to this year’s teams. Together with JRP, JEPS decided to provide support to the JRP teams over the next year, primarily encouraging them to write Registered Reports as well as helping them during the process of writing. Get ready for many intriguing things to come in the upcoming months!


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