Call for EFPSA Alumni Board 2019-2021

Alumnus, alumna – ‘A former member of a group, company, or organisation’ (Oxford Dictionary)

We are pleased to open the Call for the Alumni Board 2019-2021. The Alumni Board represents the Alumni Network – a formal body that unites all former members of EFPSA with the aim to support EFPSA based on the experience within the network and create a networking platform among EFPSA Alumni Network members in accordance with the Statutes of EFPSA. The mandate lasts for two consecutive years and implies maintaining the virtual communication tools of EFPSA Alumni Network and their activities, as well as the communication with EFPSA, support and advising of the currently active members.

Who can apply?

  • Former EFPSA Volunteers within the Working Community. That is, any individual who has held an official role within the EFPSA Working Community as a member of the Board of Management, Executive Board and Member Representative. Only the Head and Co-Heads of Organising Committees are part of this category.

  • You must have registered through the Google Form and have your membership approved prior to applying for a role within the EFPSA Alumni Board.


How can you apply?

  • To express your interest, please send a motivational statement (250 words max.) to


How does it work?

  • After the deadline, we will open the online voting for the Alumni Network where all registered Group A Alumni, except for the applicants, will have a chance to vote for the applicants they find suitable to be in these positions based on their motivational statements. Upon the ending of the online voting, the previous Alumni Board and the Immediate Past President* will meet to discuss the applicants, taking into account the recommendation obtained from the Alumni Network online voting.

  • For more information please read the Alumni Charter attached.

*The presence of the IPP within the Alumni Board is necessary in order to have the work of the Alumni Board aligned with that of EFPSA, additionally the IPP can provide the most recent insight into the work of the EFPSA Working Community and EFPSA’s goals, while making sure that the work of the Alumni Board is in line with EFPSA’s Mission, Vision and Values. Since the President of EFPSA, Tea Jermanis was elected into the Board of Management as Vice President for the mandate 2019-2020 while the previous IPP, Clara Chetcuti will not be available to Chair the Alumni Board for another mandate, Victoria Firsching, Member Representatives Officer 2018-2019 was nominated by Tea Jermanis to Chair the Alumni Board. In this way, there would still be insight from a previous Board of Management member who is motivated for this role. This nomination (as an exceptional circumstance) was approved at the Alumni Assembly at the EFPSA Congress 2019 in Denmark.

When can you apply?

  • The deadline is Sunday 9th June 23:59 (CEST).

If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact We are looking forward to receiving your applications!