First Postcard from the EFPSA’s Offices

Already more than 6 weeks have passed since the exciting 33rd EFPSA Congress in Grenaa, Denmark. During this wonderful week, the new Board of Management 2019-2020 was elected by the Member Representatives and started to work right away – and haven’t stopped since. In this first Board of Management Postcard, we would like to share with you updates from our Offices and give you a glimpse into the different parts of the busy body of EFPSA. We hope you enjoy the read.


Board of Management

We have started working and can already look back to weekly BM meetings of 3-4 hours each. Member Representatives and Working Community received the Proposals and Supporting Documents for May E-Voting, it is currently going on. The documents have been prepared by the President and Vice-President. At the same time each member of Board of Management has sent the Code of Conduct and Action Plan templates to their team and are eagerly reading the new ideas from the Working Community. Nevertheless, the most important news that everyone was impatiently waiting for was if we would receive the EACEA Grant. We would like to give a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who put a lot of effort into this during the previous mandate!

Apart from this Ying Wai Cheung, President of EFPSA, has visited the Presidents’ Council Meeting in Brussel, Belgium. When it comes to other Board of Management members going to an event: Robin Willems, Marketing Officer, has visited the bi-anual meeting by IFISO and Tea Jermanis, Vice President, on the other hand was as the Board of Management Representative at the EFPSA Academy. Both events happened in Zagreb, Croatia this year.

We are also excited to announce that Board of Management chose the place of the first Board of Management Meeting. The event is going to happen in Croatia from 21st to 28th of August.




External Relations Office

Read about the External Relation Office from Kotryna (External Relations Coordinator) and Eleftheria (Policy Team Coordinator)!

Kotryna: “This mandate started very fast, but very productively. I had a chance to visit our colleagues of EPSA by going to their Annual Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was fascinating to see, that they are as passionate about their organization as we are and that there so many things that we can learn about each other. I did a workshop, there we talked about non-communicable diseases and mental health and how we, as professionals can work together towards this problem. Also, I will join the Mental Health Working Group with European Students’ Union (ESU), really looking forward to that and to see how much positivity and awareness we can all spread!”

Eleftheria: “The Policy Team has kicked off the mandate with enthusiasm about the upcoming projects. The first Skype meetings are going smoothly and the team has decided upon the papers that they will work during the year. Mental Health in Secondary Schools and Suicide Prevention are the Position Papers that the team is focusing on right now. Besides these, the paper on Migrants’ and Refugees’ Mental Health is being reviewed and will be finalized soon. Last but not least, the team has disseminated a very interesting survey about Suicide Prevention. You can help us by sacrificing a few minutes of your time. Click here!


EFPSA Office

It has been quite a busy start for the EFPSA Office. After the Congress in Denmark EFPSA Office has managed to fill in the empty spots in a team and we were happy to welcome new Admin Support Responsible and Content Review Responsible of this mandate. Apart from that a new position gave its starts this year and it is the position of the Human Resource Responsible. We are looking forward for the improvements that will be implemented with the help of this position.


Finance Office

Dear EFPSAns! Finance Office has started working so hard for this new fresh mandate. Partnership Team has been working on new potential partners and the previous ones, as well. We aim to get more partners in the benefit of EFPSA. On the other  side, we extended the call for applications for Grant Team positions. Come and let’s sing our Finance Song “Money, Money, Money (by Abba)” together!


Marketing Office

Marketing Office has kick-started their mandate with a lot of work. I’m sure by now you’ve all seen our beautiful Instagram stories promoting open calls and positions and the use of our new hashtag #EFPSAEducates. Furthermore the team worked hard on editing the pictures of Congress and sharing them on Facebook. Feel free to tag your friends and share the pictures. The logos of Train the Trainers and Mind the Mind have been re-branded, the official EFPSA Presentation edited and Certificates have been made. We hope to be able to keep helping the Working Community with their design needs the rest of the mandate!


Members Office

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s generation of Member Representatives and Vice Member Representatives is called the “Swans of Change”. The name was inspired by the Congress in Denmark, and it also represents that this group has many ideas about improvements that would serve the European psychology students and the Federation. Nothing would illustrate their motivation and dedication more than the fact that their own Task Forces have already been established. Smaller teams of Member Representatives and Vice Member Representatives will work together on specific topics throughout the mandate.


Events Office

The start of the mandate has been quite a hectic one for the Events Office but we’re super happy with all the we have already managed to do! The events office is currently focusing on two upcoming events, the European Summer School and Train the Trainers 2019, both coming up this July, while also maintaining a steady pace in the organisation of all other events. EFPSA Academy was just held in Zagreb between the 10th and 12th of May, the event went really well and all the participants enjoyed the EFPSA Spirit! Big well done to the Croatian Org Com and Good Luck to all the other Organising Committees working on events at the moment 🙂


Open Calls

  1. The Call for European Summer School 2019 Participants!
  2. The Call for the Organising Committee Coordinator of the 7th edition of Train Advanced Trainers!
  3. The Call for EFPSA Alumni Board 2019-2021