Dear EFPSA Alumni,

After the approval of the Alumni Charter at the Alumni Assembly held at the EFPSA Congress in Denmark, we are pleased to be opening the official registration for Alumni Network members! This Form will be used for Alumni to continuously register themselves (until further development on a different platform for Alumni).

According to the Alumni Charter, Alumni can apply as members of Group A or Group B. Please find the membership categories below.

Membership Categories:

  1. Former EFPSA Volunteers within the Working Community
  2. Any individual who has held an official role within the EFPSA Working Community as a member of the Board of Management, Executive Board and Member Representative. Only the Head and Co-Heads of Organising Committees are part of this category.

Organising Committees, Vice Member Representatives & Task Forces

Any individual who has held a position within an Organising Committee of an EFPSA Event, was a Vice Member Representative or held a position within an EFPSA Task Force.  

In the case that an individual has held positions in both Group A and Group B across one or more mandates, then they should register under their Group A position(s).

Individuals who currently hold a role within the EFPSA Working Community cannot join the EFPSA Alumni Network, regardless of whether they are students or have graduated, until they have finished their mandate.

In case a person has rightfully registered as an Alumni and afterwards takes on a new position within Group A or Group B, their membership as an Alumni will be paused until their active mandate has ended.

Please register via this Google Form under the correct membership Group. We also ask you to provide proof of having held that position (eg. Proof per Position Document, Certificate of Contribution, email from Coordinator or BM Responsible etc.).  

IMPORTANT – We will be issuing a Call for the Alumni Board 2019-2021 by the 13th May, therefore, if you are interested in applying or having the option to vote on the candidates’ then you must be registered beforehand. Please do so at your earliest convenience and share with anyone who may also be interested.


If you have any questions feel free to email the Alumni Board on