The call for the EFPSA Academy 2019 Trainers’ Team is extended until 24th of April!

Topic: Communicating through the use of Emotional Intelligence

Dates: 9th to 13th of May 2019 (for Trainers)

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Travel Reimbursement: will be covered up to €100

Accommodation: will be provided by the Organising Committee

What is EA?

The EFPSA Academy aims to bring together volunteers of European youth NGOs to enable them to develop professionally, establish networks, heighten their motivation and share experiences while equipping them with a variety of skills and knowledge around a changing core topic

During Academy, participants receive high-quality training sessions, get the chance to attend workshops given by experts on the topic and will be able to practice their skills on hands-on examples and real-life challenges.  The EFPSA Academy being a training event, skills of participants are developed based on the EFPSA training values.

Since the EFPSA Academy invites students representing different youth NGOs, different fields of studies and different parts of Europe, the Academy is naturally a diverse place to be. This vibrant mix of people and backgrounds creates an atmosphere that remains lively and highly engaging on both academic and social levels throughout the event.

This year’s topic is Communicating through the use of Emotional Intelligence. During the event, we will focus on the importance of emotional intelligence in the communication process. We will cover topics from what EI is to how to use it in volunteering environment. We will provide the participants with tools, skills, and practices that they can implement in a real-life setting. Our goal will be to give the volunteers skills and tools to be used back into their NGO. All theories presented will be evidence-based and practiced during the event so participants can grasp the skills fully.

So are you ready for the challenge?

Responsibilities of the Trainers Team

  • Decide upon a marketing strategy for the event together with the TO and Organising Committee
  • With the help of the Training Events Responsible, contact other NGOs Training Offices and search for other organizations interested in partnerships
  • Preparing the schedule of the event
  • Communicate with the EFPSA TO, partner organizations and other bodies involved in the development of the event
  • Decide on the content and manage the agenda and schedule of the event

Selection Criteria


  • Available from 9-13.05.2019 in Zagreb
  • A spoonful of motivation


  • Experience as a trainer on the international level
  • Experience with online work
  • Relevant experience and knowledge of Emotional Intelligence

How to apply?

Send us your CV, Training Portfolio and motivation letter by the 24.04.2019 to 

For more questions do not hesitate to contact us at the above address.

All the best!

Your EFPSA Training Office,

Mica, Demos, Hans-Thomas, Busra, & Eleni