Tenth Postcard from the Board of Management 2018-2019

Board of Management


During the past month, the Board of Management had their 2nd Board of Management Meeting which took place in Budapest, from 5th until 11th of February. During the meeting, the Board discussed more than 15 topics relevant for EFPSA’s future development, including EFPSA’s Visual Identity, Involvement of Working Community and Member Organisations in EFPSA, Financial Strategy, EFPSA Awards, Congress 2019 schedule and modification to the Statutes & Domestic Regulations. The meeting was highly productive with a lot of new ideas which will be proposed at the next General Assembly at 33rd EFPSA Congress in Denmark. The Board of Management Outcomes will also be sent to the Working Community soon where you will be able to read all discussions from the meeting!


Besides this, the Board was working on their regular tasks, answering emails and on preparing proposals for the upcoming General Assemblies.


During the whole month of February the call for the new Board Of Management for mandate 2019-2020 was opened. In order to get as many applications as possible, the call was extended until the 9th of February and it is opened to all interested psychology students – do not miss your chance to apply!



External Relations Office


External Relations Office has been working full speed on new collaborations and projects. External Relations Coordinator attended the European Health Associations Summit (EHSAS) where she discussed future collaborations with EMSA (European Medical Students’ Association), EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association) and EDSA (European Dental Students’ Association).


Social Impact Initiative Coordinator is working on joint projects with European Students’ Forum (AEGEE), mainly focusing on raising awareness on mental health among students. First workshops for students will be happening in the upcoming months! More on mental health – a big joint campaign with European Students’ Union (ESU) and, hopefully, other student organisations is in progress. Stay tuned!


The Policy Team has finalised the updated Privacy Policy and brand new Events Policy which will be in use for all EFPSA Events in the upcoming mandates. Both policies will be sent to the Working Community and afterwards approved at the next General Assemblies. Besides this, the team had been working on a completely new position paper concerning suicide prevention. Currently, first steps are being done including thorough research of the topic.


EFPSA Office

EFPSA Office has been busy with helping to promote Congress 2019, keeping the website up and running, updating the EFPSA Calendar, ensuring all documents and posts are CVI (Corporate Visual Identity) and that the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) are being followed.


We are also working on the Internal and External Newsletters and are in the middle of organising our Webinar with Willingness! One hour Webinar will take place in March and more information regarding the event will be announced soon!


Finance Office


Finance Office is getting more and more excited for the upcoming Congress! Last week we had our second to last Finance Office meeting and it’s crazy to think about how fast the mandate has passed – there is still so much left to do!


As a result, Partnerships Team is continuing their pursuit in finding new potential partnerships with different organisations and companies. The Partnerships’ Brochure is coming into handy when contacting the potential partners. Partnerships’ Coordinator Sander had a promising Skype call with a potential Congress sponsor.


Grants Team has written and submitted the Final Report for the EYF (European Youth Foundation) 2018 Grant! Moreover, the EYF(European Youth Foundation) 2019 Grant contract has been signed to support Mind the Mind campaign and EFPSA’s Train the Trainers. Last, but definitely not the least from Grants Team, we are awaiting the result of the Erasmus+ Operational Grant which should be published very soon!


Next year, the Grants Team will be expanded as EFPSA will be eligible for EYF’s (European Youth Foundation’s) Structural Grant! Do you wish to join the Grants Team? Do you want to learn more about international grants and get knowledgeable on grant applications and management? Keep your eye out on our website and Facebook!


Marketing Office


It was pretty busy in the past months for the Marketing Office!  Marketing Office, along with the Policy Team, has been preparing to the new EFPSA Social Day. EFPSA Social Day will be held every year and during that day one important topic of social matter will be covered. This year the topic chosen by Marketing Office, and supported by the Board of Management, is Suicide Prevention and it will be held on 6th of March so stay tuned!


Apart from that, the team was working on the upcoming project ‘Podcast of EFPSA’ and ‘Sharing Experience’. Project ‘Sharing Experience’ will start when the call for the Executive Board is open, which will be very soon! Besides that, before the upcoming Congress 2019 in Denmark, Marketing Office is focused on reviewing all documents from different Org Coms and teams, and making sure all documents will be stored properly before the end of the mandate.


Member Representatives Office


The past month has been a bit hectic for all the Member Representatives. The Members Office had to explain to the Member Representatives how the Congress Application Rating System works. After that, each Member Representatives looked at the applications from their country and determined the quality of the answers. Like this, they had the responsibility of choosing the candidates that get approved for a spot at the EFPSA Congress 2019 in Denmark.


On Discord, this was a time, when a lot of questions were asked, a lot of special cases were deliberated, and we talked a lot about the importance of fairness and impartiality. They did a thoroughly good job, especially those countries that had to rate 20+ applications, as it takes quite some time! Now all the applicants are approved and Member Representatives are setting up groups to travel together.


At the same time, we are finishing up on projects. One of our task forces is revamping the Knowledge Transfer document to make sure, next year’s generation is all set up! We also has a Social meeting over voice chat, which was fun because we shared childhood photos. The realization, that the mandate is ending is slowly setting in. At the same time, we are all excited to see each other again at Congress!


Events Office


The Events Office has started the year by focusing on Post-Event tasks! We are currently going through all our documents, re-checking and adapting all procedures for the better.


Furthermore, the work with Train Advanced Trainers Org Coms has been going at full swing, seeing as the event will be happening in a few days (sending good luck and hugs to everyone involved!).


The Congress 2019 team is also working incredibly hard at the moment, finalising all things for our biggest event of the year.


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