Call for Participants for the sixth edition of EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers 2019

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We are happy to announce that TAT 2019 will be taking place in Şirince, İzmir, Turkey from the 2nd till the 9th of March, under the title “Advanced Training Design”.

The call for participants for the sixth edition of EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) is hereby open, with the deadline for application on the 20th of January, 23:59 CET.

Topic: Advanced Training Design

Participants: 25 advanced trainers

Dates for participants: 02/03/2019 – 09/03/2019

Location: Şirince, İzmir, Turkey

Participation fee: €210 for students, €250 for others

Deadline to apply: 20/01/2019 @23:59 CET

What is TAT?

EFPSA TAT is an advanced train-the-trainers event, which in first line aims to professionally develop trainers of various  youth organisations. The core goal of this eight day event is the acquirement of advanced knowledge on a specifically selected content theme, as well as networking between young, experienced trainers from different non-governmental organisations. The event is tailored for a selection of talented trainers who want to take their personal competences and their profession to a higher level – giving an opportunity to exchange experiences and collaborate on developing evidence-based practices.

One day before the event, there is a (non-obligatory) Open Training Day where all participants and trainers of TAT 2019 are invited to deliver training sessions to local students, to promote non-formal education whilst giving something back to the local community.

Training Advanced Trainers 2019 – Advanced Training Design

Designing a training session is a bit like baking a favourite cake. We have that secret recipe, we’ve done it a thousand times, and it has always come out well … more or less.

Except the times when, even though we followed the recipe word by word, the cake didn’t taste good. Or the times, when we couldn’t find all the ingredients and had to improvise, and yet it came out surprisingly delicious, but we have no clue how.  

When we sit down to design a training session we usually have some structure in mind, a model that helps us put the right elements into the right place, some theory here, an exercise there, throw in some deep meaningful quote to spice it up, and boom, absolute perfection in the form of training session.We’ve done it tens or hundreds of times, and it has “always” worked … more or less.

How about the times when it doesn’t really work? When we do things by the book, but our participants learn nothing, nicht, nada? When our sessions are simply not engaging and the impact is underwhelming? When the event comes out OK, but there was something missing? When “that exercise I love to use” doesn’t work, but “it worked the last time”?

Do we lack understanding of training design? Have we forgotten all we’ve learned at our TtT? Did they actually teach us the wrong models? Is there something more out there, something we don’t even know about? Are we using outdated models to design our sessions? Are there updated models that could change that? Where does training design actually begin and where does it end? Are there ways of doing everything better, from the whole grand scale of a huge training event to the single element of an exercise we design?

Is there life after 4MAT? Is there a way to make sense to this cake-baking mess?

If these situations ring a bell, if these questions spike your interest, or if they have filled you to the brim with anxiety and almost caused you a nervous breakdown, then this year’s TAT is the place for you to be.

The aim of this sixth edition is to expose participants to high quality, cutting edge, evidence based content on the topic of Advanced Training Design, challenge their preconceived notions, encourage critical thinking and foster a growth mindset, as well as provide the space, frameworks and safe learning environment, where participants can be immersed in, learn about, practice and test out different training design possibilities, models, established practices and new ideas, while themselves being co-creators of the very event.

Who can apply?

The call is open for any young individual who is involved in initiatives, projects or organisations as a trainer or learning facilitator. Applicants should:

  • have graduated a Train the Trainers event or equivalent, and have been active in the past years in youth work,
  • have been active as a trainer locally or internationally and be able to provide a portfolio of delivered sessions that demonstrates that at least 30 hours of training have been delivered,
  • be available between the 2nd and 9th of March, as well as before (preparation work) and after follow-up) the event itself,
  • be willing to contribute to the event (for instance by delivering a session on a topic related to Advanced Training Design during TAT), 
  • preferably have already started or are interested in pursuing a training career in youth work,
  • preferably be available and willing to deliver at the Open Training Day (one day before the event).

How to apply?

In order to apply to this event, we ask you to:

  • Fill in the application form here
  • Send us your CV pointing out the TtT you have graduated from, all the activities, initiatives, international projects you’ve been involved in within and/or outside your organisation (to be attached to the form).
  • Provide us with your Training Portfolio at the end of the form (a copyable comprehensive example template of the portfolio can be found here)

The deadline to apply is Thursday the 20th January 2018, 23:59 CET.

Contact information

For any clarifications and suggestions do not hesitate to contact the TAT training team on