The EFPSA Scholarship is set up with the aim of giving students without the financial means the opportunity to attend the upcoming EFPSA Congress in Denmark. The EFPSA Scholarship will be provided to one person and will cover the total participation fee plus travel expenses up to 250 euro.

The 33rd EFPSA Congress will be held in Grenaa, Denmark between 7th-14th April 2019. The annual EFPSA Congress gathers up to 300 psychology students from all over Europe and provides them with a strong scientific and social programme, as well as opportunities for cultural and social exchange. You will have the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops delivered by professionals and students under the theme “A Search for Happiness”.

For further information regarding the EFPSA Congress, you can check the 33rd EFPSA Congress website via this link; or join “33rd EFPSA Congress – Denmark” on Facebook.

To be eligible for the EFPSA Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must complete the EFPSA Scholarship form.
  • Must be a psychology student or a psychology graduate.
  • Must provide proof of being a psychology student or having graduated in the past 2 years (no earlier than study year 2016/2017).
  • Country of studies or country in which the psychology degree was obtained must be a Member Organisation of EFPSA.
  • Must provide Household & Private income (tax statement or similar document provided by the government) and/or Social Security benefit letter.
  • Must write a report about their experience at the EFPSA Congress.

IMPORTANT: when applying for the EFPSA Scholarship, you will be automatically excluded from the applications through the normal procedure. If you are not chosen for the EFPSA Scholarship, you will not have another opportunity to participate in the 33rd EFPSA Congress.

Follow this link to fill in the EFPSA Scholarship form. The deadline is the 15th of January at 23:59 (CET)!

For further information regarding the EFPSA Scholarship, please contact with subject title “EFPSA Scholarship”.