Seventh Postcard – Services Special

It’s time for the next update from the Working Community! This time, we’re going to focus on our dedicated teams from services and what they are currently working on. Buckle up, get ready and get smart with our news from the EFPSA Services!

Board of Management

After the Joint EB&MR Meeting in Kowary, Poland, we all came back home inspired and with a lot of work and ideas for future projects. During the working week in Poland, we sat together with all of the EFPSA Working Community and started talking about important questions such as how our organization functions and how we can improve the cooperation with our members and within our teams. It was a fruitful experience and now we want to get the ideas implemented. A big part of this is happening in our discussions in weekly meetings and in emails.

One of the highlights last month was that Nicole Saliba (Events Officer) and Ying Wai Cheung (Finance Officer) attended EFPA’s Presidents’ Council Meeting in Cyprus, where they connected to like minded professional psychologists from all over Europe.

Study & Travel Abroad

We are proud to announce to have expanded our partnership with our partner Eurosender and opened a call for a new internship in their HR department. Applications are open and we strongly encourage you to apply here by 30th November. We are continuously working on expanding our internship network and quality assurance for which we compiled and distributed two surveys among the working community and previous interns.

Travel network is considering restructuring our discount system and broadening to other facilities besides hostels, also we are  focusing on providing hostel discounts in cities close to events venues, so participants can easily find a place to stay before and after EFPSA event suitable for a student budget.

Study abroad is developing a general study abroad guidebook with various chapters including financial support, adapting to culture, and how to deal with nostalgia, just to name a few.

We are overseeing our upcoming Macedonian part of the exchange with Malta. Keep an eye on our social media accounts to follow this exchange progress. Also, we are encouraging MOs to organize exchanges and we are developing a document with tips and best practices from previous Org Coms to help out future exchanges. In addition, we are planning and working on a standardized feedback form that Org Coms can distribute to participants in order to evaluate exchanges and provide useful feedback for improvement.

Social Impact Initiative

The SII team was very busy during the Joint EB&MR Meeting! We updated the materials for Mind the Mind workshops, prepared Proof per Position and Proof per Content documents for our MtM Local Coordinators, promoted our Organised Acts of Kindness calendar in the working community, had several meetings with other teams and BM representatives where we came up with fresh ideas for our campaigns… We are currently looking for grants and prizes for our campaigns, and we are proud to say that our OAK instagram page is constantly growing, with more and more followers every week!

Training Office

The call for Trainers Team of EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers 2019 is closed and many trainers from all around the world applied to become a trainer in one of the biggest training events of Europe. In the following weeks, we will announce 6 motivated and amazing trainers who will create an unforgettable and fruitful week for other trainers. Also TAT Org Com in Turkey is working hard to offer the best conditions for this experience. November is the month of trainings for EFPSA.

Our Trainers and candidates also deliver for SII Campaigns, Better Together & Mind the Mind. The trainings for volunteers of these campaigns are delivered in several cities in Europe. Furthermore, the 4th edition of EFPSA Academy is going to take place in Croatia next Spring with the theme “Combating Discrimination in the Workplace”. Training Office is also in touch with MRs in order to collect information about national trainers, trainings and training offices.

Junior Researcher Programme

The motivated Junior Researchers are still eagerly working on their exciting projects targeting research questions in the field of Psychology and Sexuality and in the background the plans for the next JRP Conference are getting more and more concrete. The annual conference will take place next year and give the Junior Researchers and their supervisors the possibility to present their (preliminary) results in front of the other participants and local students.

In the meantime, the JRP team grew and from now on Vita Bogdanic is working together with Dzvezdica Aleksoska (Research Responsible) and Lena Sophia Steubl (Coordinator) on ensuring a smooth running of the yearly programme. The team is very much looking forward to working together and improving the Junior Researcher Programme further!

We hope you enjoyed the updates from our Services teams. If you want to know more, contact them or us!


With warm regards,

Tea, George, Mary-Ann, Ying, Elvira, Vicky & Nicole

Board of Management 2018-2019