Half of the mandate has already passed and we are more than proud of the progress and achievements all teams have made. The Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting was held from the 27th of October until the 3rd of November in Kowary, Poland. All EFPSA Offices and Services have met and worked on their Action Plans, as well as working on boosting their motivation for the other half of the mandate. The Event was a huge success with all teams working together and developing new collaborations, ideas, and projects. We would like to thank all the participants for their contribution, the various Teams that delivered workshops, the Training Office and Trainers for delivering trainings and the Organising Committee without whom this Event would not have been possible!

Board of Management

The members of the Board of Management worked hard on their individual tasks and on preparations for the Joint Executive Board and Member Representatives Meeting. The Presidential Office prepared all relevant documents, such as the schedule for the week and the Agendas for the General Assemblies. Other members of the Board worked on Proposals that were discussed in Poland during General Assemblies. During the Event, important decisions were taken by EFPSA’s Member Representatives and more important issues were discussed by the Board of Management. These will be voted upon during the next E-voting.

Moreover, we are beyond pleased to introduce a new member within the Board of Management – Mary-Ann Kubre was elected as the Secretary General for the remainder of the mandate!  We are very happy to have her on board and we are looking forward to the next 6 months!


External Relations Office

The External Relations Office couldn’t fully attend the Joint EB&MR Meeting in Poland, but that didn’t stop them from working. The Privacy Policy is finished and it is waiting in line with the Refugee and Migrants Position Paper for  review and comments from the Board of Management and the rest of the Working Community. Besides this, the Anti Discrimination Policy has been revised and the team has started working on the Events Policy to enhance the quality of EFPSA Events. A number of possible collaborations with other organisations is being discussed, as well. Stay tuned!

EFPSA Office

EFPSA Office is proud to announce you the Events Calendar! What is the Events Calendar, you are wondering? It is a Calendar that consists of many events that might be interesting to both EFPSA Working Community and any psychology student that is scrolling through EFPSA’s website. It contains basic information about psychology events around the world. There is also an option to submit the event you heard about to be put in the calendar so it can be shared with psychology students around the world. Enough talk, check it out on our website!

Finance Office

Finance Office was dealing with the finances regarding the Joint EB&MR Meeting. Of course, this includes the upcoming reimbursements for the Working Community attending the meeting. Moreover, Partnership Team has finalized both the Partnership Packages and the Brochure. These documents will be sent to potential partners. Grants Team held a workshop at the Joint EB&MR Meeting. They are writing a Guidelines Document regarding the Erasmus+ Grant and are getting ready to apply for Erasmus+ Grant 2019.

Marketing Office

Marketing Office has been busy before The Joint EB&MR Meeting. The team has been preparing posters and flyers for EFPSA Day which will be held on the 5th of December all around Europe. The Office has also been preparing several workshops which they presented during the internal meeting in Poland. The workshops included presentations on how to promote more effective and about EFPSA Corporate Visual Identity.

Member Representatives Office

The Member Representatives Office has been preparing the sessions for the upcoming Joint EB&MR Meeting. One week with the MRs is only a short time, and it’s really important for us that we can not only work on topics together, but also make sure that the MRs get enough time to socialize, reconnect and enjoy the week together. Also, EFPSA Day is coming up in December and we have been looking for Local Organisers. Furthermore, the MRs are always actively sharing how they are doing on Discord, posting pictures, asking questions and it has become the main platform for exchanging information. A loud shout-out goes to Hungary, the first MO who finished translating the EFPSA Wikipedia page to their language. It’s now possible to read about EFPSA in Hungarian!

Events Office

The Events Office would like to say a big congratulations to the 3 new Organising Committee Coordinators that were chosen at the General Assemblies in Poland: Train the Trainers, Train Advanced Trainers & EFPSA Academy 2019! We’re very excited to start working with you. Furthermore, a massive well done goes to the Joint EB&MR Meeting Organising Committee who did a great job in hosting us in Kowary, Poland this past week. As the Events Office, we have been working on improving communication within the team. Existing Organising Committees are also working very hard on upcoming Events. Keep an eye out for more information about Congress 2019 very soon!


Journal of European Psychology Students

The JEPS team has been working hard at the Joint EB&MR Meeting. They have cleaned up their documents and have continued their work on manuscripts. They have selected six ambassadors and are excited to work with them all. We are also happy to have opened the call for Copyeditors & Proofreaders – if you are interested please apply before the 16th of November 2018. More info here! JEPS has opened a second call this month for a Team Member position – if you are interested, apply before the 9th of November 2018. More info about the call here!

Study & Travel Abroad

The Malta-Macedonia exchange part taking place in Malta was successfully finished. The Internship team is working on both general surveys and an MRs survey to obtain information for possible partnerships. At the same time, we have been working on the selection process for the PIN internship opportunity. We successfully established a travel partnership for discounted accommodation in a hostel in Wroclaw for EFPSA Working Community for the stay before and after our Joint EB&MR Meeting. A survey for EFPSA Travel Network Cards was conducted and we are waiting for your answers in order to improve our service!

Social Impact Initiative

Although it was hard to choose between many excellent applications that we received, we have now selected our new Local Coordinators for the upcoming wave of the Mind the Mind Campaign! Currently, we are helping them kickstart the campaign in their cities through emails and Skype meetings. We are all very excited about the next wave, as we have been working hard on improving the materials and knowledge transfer. We have also been preparing for the Joint EB&MR Meeting and we were looking forward to finally seeing each other in person and working together!

Training Office

Training Office is currently working on the next Train Advanced Trainers which is going to happen in Turkey next winter! Now we are looking for one amazing EFPSA Trainer to coordinate the Trainers Team of TAT. Trainers’ Chat took place in October and a new generation of trainers has been introduced to the Community. EFPSA Trainers Community, consisting of people from all around Europe is currently preparing to design and deliver training sessions for the Mind the Mind and Better Together campaigns of Social Impact Initiative. Internal Training Responsible also worked with the teams and MRs to create amazing training sessions at Joint EB&MR Meeting.  

Junior Researcher Programme

The Junior Researchers are eagerly working on their projects while the JRP team is already thinking ahead and the planning for the next JRP Conference began. Additionally, the team grew bigger and there is now one more team member ensuring a smooth running of the Junior Researcher Programme.


With warm regards,  

Tea, George, Mary-Ann, Ying, Elvira, Vicky & Nicole

Board of Management 2018-2019