Dear EFPSA Trainers,

We are happy to announce that the sixth edition of EFPSA’s Train Advanced Trainers (TAT). This year trainers from all over Europe will meet in Turkey to develop their training design. But before that, we are looking for a TAT Trainers Team Coordinator – a person who will lead this wonderful event!

What is TAT?

The EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers is an 8-day course that gives a chance to European trainers from various NGOs who focus on youth work, to develop and practice new training techniques using a comprehensive toolkit in a low risk environment.

The general aim of the TAT is to aid youth trainers in their goal for continuous development by providing second level education. This year the topic is: “Advanced Training Design”

This is a fantastic opportunity for youth trainers, along with professionals, to deepen their knowledge, provide motivational, memorable and dynamic courses and receive feedback from other professionals in the field of training. Its high standards provide a safe space to practice, learn and get inspired. During TAT the participants will have contact with experienced trainers from all over Europe, they will get access to the newest training theories and techniques, and will work on their identity as professional trainers.

Where? Turkey
When? Late February- Early March 2019
Topic: Advanced Training Design

Responsibilities of the Trainers Team Coordinator

  • Select the Trainers Team, together with the EFPSA Training Office (TO) and ensure good communication within the team.
  • Decide upon a  marketing strategy for the event, together with the  EFPSA TO and the Org Com.
  • Ensure good communication with the Org Com and collaborate on fundraising and grants.
  • Search for potential professional trainers to invite as guests to the event.
  • With the help of the Training Events Responsible, contact other NGOs Training Offices and search for other organisations interested in partnerships.
  • Select participants together with the Trainers Team.
  • Communicate with the EFPSA TO, partner organisations  and other bodies involved in the development of the event.
  • Decide on the content and manage the agenda and schedule of the event.
  • Support the Trainers Team.
  • Following up on the event after it is over.

Selection criteria:


  • Availability until March 2019, during the event and to work on follow-up of the event
  • Strong levels of Motivation


  • Experience as a trainer on the international level
  • Experience with coordinating teams
  • Experience with online work
  • Relevant experience and knowledge on the topic of the event – Organisational Development

How to apply?

Send us your CV, Training Portfolio and motivation letter by the 19th of November 23:59 CET to

For more questions do not hesitate to contact us at the above email addresses.

*Official dates will be announced soon

All the best!

Your Training Office,

Bengisu, Demos, Michaela, Rebekka, and Erika