September has already passed so fast and for some of you the academic year has started again. We hope that everyone has been able to refuel their energy levels during the holidays to make this month even more productive than before. We would like to present the hard work of our Working Community in this month’s postcard.

Board of Management

In the first week of September, the very productive first Board of Management Meeting took place at the sunny coast of Croatia. Many topics were discussed and significant decisions have been made. We are very eager to share these with you during the Joint EB&MR Meeting! Moreover, we are looking for a Secretary General at the moment. So if you know someone that fits the position, let us know! The call will be open until the 7th of October.


External Relations Office

External Relations Office is recovering from the summer break and is ready to get into work mode. As the Joint EB&MR Meeting is approaching, the Policy Team is finishing up important policies and the External Relations Coordinator is starting to establish important and new collaborations. The President and Finance Officer are preparing for representing EFPSA at the next IFISO meeting which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

EFPSA Office

EFPSA Office is back in full swing! We have been proofreading documents, preparing a workshop on EU General Data Protection for the Joint EB&MR Meeting as well as getting ready to launch our Events Calendar.

Finance Office

Finance Office has had a busy and productive month! Finizaling the Train the Trainers (TtT) finances as well as the finances of the Junior Researcher Programme Conference (JRPC). Partnership Team has almost finished their brochure for external partners and is currently compiling a point system for partnership packages. Grants Team has formed its Project Team 2019 and together they have been very busy with writing the application for next year’s EYF Grant. It will be submitted very soon!

Marketing Office

Since the Joint EB&MR Meeting is around the corner, the Marketing Office is also getting ready! We are currently preparing new presentations for the Working Community in order to make a productive week for everyone. Additionally the team has prepared and reviewed lots of documents for the past two weeks and was actively working on upcoming International Days.

Member Representatives Office

Member’s Office has been quite busy last month, as a lot of the services and teams of EFPSA asked the MRs to promote calls, or gather information about their countries. Our Members Office Team Member, Elena, wrote long protocols of the monthly MR and ViceMR meetings, so nothing will be forgotten. Our Member Observer Coordinator, Michèle, is staying in contact with our new Observer Member, Albania, and is trying to get in touch with some new potential members. Despite the distance, we try hard to keep group cohesion. During Skype Reports with the Presidents, it was clear that video meetings help a lot. For next week we planned a Social Meeting and are really excited to meet online, chat and play games. Overall, the MRs and ViceMRs seem to enjoy their work very much and the friendships are evolving and are set for a new high at the Joint EB&MR Meeting in Kowary next month.

Events Office

The last EFPSA event of this summer was the Junior Researcher Programme Conference (JRPC), held in Athens, Greece. During that event, JRP teams presented their research which they completed throughout the past year. Now that all the summer events have passed successfully, the Events Office is working on an interesting workshop for the Joint EB&MR Meeting, we hope to see you all there!


Journal of European Psychology Students

JEPS has launched the JEPS Ambassadors campaign! The Ambassadors are psychology students who share our passion for responsible research, open science, and increasing academic opportunities for students. As JEPS Ambassador, you will help us promote JEPS at universities, organise small events to motivate the discussion about responsible research, and help us better understand the needs of students in different countries. We’ll provide the materials – you’ll provide the passion!
Interested? Check out the Info Booklet! →…
Applications are open until October 10th, 2018.

Study & Travel Abroad

We are excited for the upcoming exchange between Malta and Macedonia. The first part of the exchange is taking place this month, in beautiful Malta. Also, the Instagram campaign is up and running, with our members sharing their experiences and giving traveling tips. Our Internship Team is gathering more information about possible internship partnership contacts with the help of our Members Office. Finally, we are preparing a new internship call, so stay updated with our social media for further information.

Social Impact Initiative

The SII Team promoted the call and collected many applications for Local Coordinators (LCs) for the upcoming Mind the Mind wave. We are currently reviewing all applications and improving the workshop material for Mind the Mind (MtM). The preparations for a calendar with many Organized Acts of Kindness (OAKs) have already started!

Training Office

At the end of August, a new generation of trainers was born and Ulumuk Generation joined EFPSA Trainers Community. Training Office is glad to welcome these 12 amazing trainer candidates and working on the follow-up and evaluation of the event.

Training Office is also in cooperation with Partnership Team in order to provide funding for EFPSA in exchange of trainings.

Internal Training Responsible, Michaela, is working on the Joint EB&MR Meeting trainings to support EFPSA Working Community and contribute to their development.

The Call for EFPSA Academy Org Com Coordinator is still open and we are waiting for wonderful applications from you!

Junior Researcher Programme

While the Junior Researchers are eagerly working on their research projects with the support of the Research Responsible, EFPSA also decided to let the JRP team grow. The decision on the new team member will be made soon and we are looking forward to working together with another motivated new member.


  • Secretary General in the Board of Management 2018-2019 – deadline until 7th of October 2018, 23:59 (CET).
  • Coordinator of the 3rd EFPSA Academy 2019 – call will be extended soon.

We hope you enjoyed reading the updated for the month of September and we wish everyone a successful start of their academic year. See you all next month at the Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting in Kowary, Poland!

With warm regards,  

Tea, George, Marija, Ying, Elvira, Vicky & Nicole

Board of Management 2018-2019