We can’t believe that already three months have passed. Despite the summer holidays, the Working Community has been working very hard on all the different projects and tasks currently underway in EFPSA and are very excited to be sharing their updates.

Board of Management

The month of July has been busy with the preparations for the First Board of Management Meeting which will be held in Croatia, this September. The Executive Board and Member Representative Skype Reports are currently underway, giving the Presidential Office the opportunity to check in with the teams, receive and give feedback and review the mandate so far while looking into various other matters. The Board of Management has been busy discussing various matters during their weekly Board of Management Meetings and have also been preparing for the various EFPSA Events that they will be attending in the coming months. Invitations for the Joint EB&MR Meeting 2018, which will be held in Poland during October, were sent to the Working Community and other external partners of EFPSA. We look forward to strengthening our collaboration with the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA) and other partner organisations (EDSA, EMSA, EPSA) during the Joint EB&MR Meeting. We are more than excited about seeing the whole Working Community in a few months!

In the meantime, Ying Wai Cheung (Finance Officer) and Nicole Saliba (Events Officer) represented the Board of Management at the European Summer School 2018, a highly successful Event hosted in The Netherlands between the 2nd – 9th July.


External Relations Office

For the past month, the Policy Team was working on updating the EFPSA Privacy Policy in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation, a Regulation introduced by the European Union. They have also been working on finishing up the Migrants and Refugee Position paper which will be completed soon. The External Relations Coordinator will be attending the European Medical Students’ Associations (EMSA) Autumn Assembly where she will meet representatives from other European Health Student organisations.

EFPSA Office

This month, the EFPSA Office has been working on an EFPSA Calendar where we will be sharing with you various events that psychology students might find interesting. Our Administrative Support Responsible prepared a document for easing EFPSA’s Wikipedia translation, EFPSA’s website has been updated, and EFPSA’s official documents are continuously being reviewed and edited.

Finance Office

The Finance Office is helping out Train the Trainers 2018 as well as the upcoming Junior Researcher Programme Conference 2018 with financial matters. Both the Grants and Partnership Team are working to strengthen and ensure a smooth process whilst dealing with the financial procedures regarding events, grants and all the people involved. This is done by compiling a brochure for external partners and preparing a guidelines document for working with a grant. At last, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Marketing Office

During the month of July, the Marketing Office has worked with the Annual Report. This month’s Official EFPSA Calendar has been posted on the website and can be checked by everyone. The team designed a new type of the BM postcard, which you are going to see on official EFPSA Social Media accounts. Alongside all this, the Marketing team is steadily working on EFPSA promo video and already started the evaluation of the EFPSA Day video.

Member Representatives Office

The Member Representatives and Vice-Member Representatives already had three monthly meetings, one social meeting and a lot of interesting topics have come up, amongst some, there are ideas about continuing with a document about good and bad practices in the different Member Organisations, in order to share strategies on problem-solving among the different countries. The Office is working on updating the information of the members on the homepage and creating better guidelines for Vice-MRs. On the social side, the MRs and Vice-MRs grow closer and exchange photos, personal stories, and motivate each other on Discord. It is a great example of how EFPSA connects European Psychology Students and serves as a nourishing ground for human connection.

Events Office

EFPSA’s annual European Summer School (ESS) was held in The Netherlands this month. The Event was a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved! Most of the participants were completely new to EFPSA and had the chance to indulge in the EFPSA spirit for the first time. Also, a shout-out to the Org Com for working so hard throughout the week – Thank You! The next Event on our calendar is Train the Trainers, happening in the Czech Republic in August.


Journal of European Psychology Students

For the past month, JEPS has been mapping and analysing the needs for new Associate Editors from different fields of psychology. A call has been launched for PhD students to apply for the position! Additionally, the first contact with previously signed up JEPS Ambassadors has been made and the team continues to work on behind the scenes material for them.

Study & Travel Abroad

Our travel network team has been in contact with a new potential partner hostel. Study abroad is preparing some interesting experience stories which will be published on the STA blog! The Slovenia – Greece exchange has already started and participants are fully enjoying this summer exchange. Speaking of summer destinations, don’t forget to upload your favourite summer photo with a hashtag ‘efpsastatalks’, in order to be reposted on our Instagram profile and consequently inspiring EFPSA journeys.

Social Impact Initiative

The Social Impact Initiative team is analyzing the Mind the Mind evaluations from the fourth wave of the campaign, as well as updating materials for the fifth wave of the campaign. We are looking for potential funding opportunities for our campaigns. Our social media presence is very strong and we are hoping that you have accepted our 30 days challenge named, ‘Be kind to your planet’ that’s going on at the moment on our Facebook and Instagram OAK page!

Training Office

The Training Office is currently working on Train the Trainers Summer School which will take place in Petrikov, in the Czech Republic. The TtT Trainers’ Team recently welcomed an EFPSA Trainer, Katarina Sabolova as the chair of TtT. Altogether they are trying to create an unforgettable experience for future trainers. Also, the Organising Committee of Train the Advanced Trainers started working on the event and consequently, the details of the event will be published in the following months. The Training Office is also in touch with other EB Teams to support them in their personal and team development.

Junior Researcher Programme

July was a really exciting month for the JRP. While the registration for the JRP Conference in Athens (Greece) opened and the Junior Researchers can finally plan their presentations, the European Summer School took place in The Netherlands and marked the start of another wonderful research year with a lot of motivated researchers. The JRP Team would like to say, once again, thank you to the great Org Com, that made this week possible and made sure that all participants had a great time!


We are also glad to inform you that the Call for the European Summer School 2019 Organising Committee is now open until the 24th August 2018 23:59 CEST. New calls for Organising Committees will be open during the month of August so do not miss these opportunities to get involved!

We hope you enjoyed reading the updated for the month of July and we look forward to providing you with more exciting updates next month with our fourth Board of Management Postcard. In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying your summer holidays and wish luck to any students currently finishing any theses or that are taking part in any activities or projects throughout the summer months.

With warm regards,  

Tea, George, Marija, Ying, Elvira, Vicky & Nicole
Board of Management 2018-2019