The second month of the EFPSA mandate has already gone; the teams are starting to settle into their new roles and everyone has been working hard on the upcoming projects set in their action plans. There were some bumps along the way but we are so happy everyone is feeling more comfortable and we are looking forward to the upcoming events.

Board of Management

We have been working efficiently ensuring everything is ready for an amazing mandate 2018-2019. The Member Representative Office prepared the results for the E-voting that has taken place for the first time on Discord, which covered various points such as approval of the New Internal Audit Committee, approval of the Board of Management Action Plans 2018-2019 and approval of the Preliminary Budget 2018-2019.  The Presidential Office has prepared the Proof Per Position Documents 2018-2019, which were sent to the Working Community and we have organised our first Member Representatives Presidential Meeting of the mandate 2018-2019. We have worked hard to read and comment on all the Working Community’s inspiring action plans 2018-2019 and we look forward to the new ideas coming to fruition. It has been a productive month for the Board of Management and we look forward to another productive month ahead.


External Relations Office

While Policy Team Members are still getting into their roles and searching about important policies, such as, the Privacy Policy, External Relations Coordinator was involved in organising a panel at the European Parliament on Interprofessional Education, alongside with other associations that are part of EHSAS (European Health Students’ Associations Network). Finance Officer represented EFPSA at the panel which turned out to be a great success! He also attended EFPA’s Associate member associations and Sectorial organisations meeting where he presented the new Board of Management of EFPSA and discussed important topics regarding our collaboration.

EFPSA Office

This month the 1st Internal Newsletter was published where the Working Community  shared their experiences and pictures from the Congress. Our Content Review Responsibles are in full swing reviewing all of EFPSA’s documents. The website was updated with new pictures and we have brand new questionnaires developed that will help us in evaluation of our Events.

Finance Office

June has been a busy month for Finance Office. The Partnership Team is working on a brochure for interested partners. The Grants Team is already preparing to apply for next year’s EYF grant. While we are also sealing the deal for the long-awaited Erasmus+ Operating Grant. On the side, financial preparations are in progress for European Summer School 2018, Train the Trainers 2018 and Junior Researcher Programme Conference 2018.

Marketing Office

Marketing office has been busy with designing new posts, preparing for the new project, editing promotional videos. Office partly started updation of last mandates materials like Structure of the Working Community.

Member Representatives Office

All the Member Representatives have gotten used to Discord – our new communication platform. A friend and programmer of the Member Representatives Officer has programmed a bot for voting, so after some testing the MRs used it for the first E-Voting session of the mandate and it was a huge success. The MRs are active in promotion and also in exchanging ideas and selfies. Our Member Observer Coordinator is keeping in touch with our new Observer Member Albania and the MRO has re-established contact with Bulgaria and Kosovo. The ViceMRs are working on their Guidelines document. All in all, Members Office is busy and active and growing closer and becoming a big family. The Malteser Family!

Events Office

As always, the events office is fully invested in providing support for the current org coms, especially now that the Summer events are so close! The first of these events is ESS, which will be kicking off in 2 weeks time. We are beyond excited for all the events to start and extremely proud of the org coms work through their journey of event organising.


Journal of European Psychology Students

The Journal of European Psychology Students team members for the past month have mostly continued working on the JEPS Ambassadors project – they have been fine-tuning previous work and organising the upcoming tasks and calls. Also, as usual, the team has been working on editing journal manuscripts and is excitedly waiting for more submissions!

Study & Travel Abroad

The Study & Travel Abroad Travel network team has renewed our hostel partnerships, so we can enjoy discounts with the Travel network card, as well as searching for new hostel partners. The FB group for exchanges is working full speed giving tips on organizing exchanges . A new CVI info-pack template is  being finalized and will be used by the future exchanges organization committees. We are collecting information on new postgraduate study abroad programmes and looking for new internship opportunities. Finally, don’t forget to check out the updated STA blog for an amazing internship experience story !

Social Impact Initiative

The Social Impact Initiative team has launched the Organized Acts of Kindness (OAK) Facebook and Instagram page, so check that out! We are currently looking for a software engineer for our OAK App and preparing material for organized acts of kindness. We are also working on updates on our SII webpage. The evaluations for Mind the Mind campaign are now being filled out and this year’s campaign is successfully reaching its end.

Training Office

Training Office has chosen this year’s lucky 12 of Train the Trainers Summer School and the Trainers’ Team is currently working for creating an unforgettable week for them. More updates about TtT will be shared in EFPSA Training Facebook page in upcoming days: Also EFPSA Training Office was represented in Trainers’ Forum which is an international, networking event between trainers. Training Office starts to maintain new collaborations after this event.

Junior Researcher Programme

While the Junior Researcher Programme 2017/18 is slowly coming to an end and the teams are preparing their presentations for the JRP Conference in Athens in August, the first teams of the next cohort are already starting their work: After carefully reviewing all applications the JRP team selected 36 motivated students from all over Europe who will work in 6 groups together with their supervisors on research questions on the topic of Psychology & Sexuality. The JRP team is looking forward to the formal kick-off of the next JRP year during the ESS in the Netherlands.

Events Archiving and Documentation Task Force

The Events Archiving and Documentation Task Force have had another meeting in the past month, in which everyone was assigned a particular job. Everyone is very looking forward to working on this project and improving the handling of important documents.


We are happy to have opened the call this month for for Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Mentor 2018. If you or you know someone who is interested in applying please click here for more details. The deadline to apply is Friday 29th June 2018, 23:59 (CET).

We are so grateful to our Working Community

We hope you enjoyed reading the updated for the month of June and we look forward to providing you with more exciting updates next month with our Third Board of Management Postcard. In the meantime we hope you are enjoying the end of exams and the  start of your summer holidays, for those who are still studying for exams and writing your thesis we wish you good luck!

Tea, George, Marija, Ying, Elvira, Vicky & Nicole

Board of Management 2018-2019