First Postcard from the Board of Management 2018-2019

Already more than four weeks have passed since the exciting 32nd EFPSA Congress in Cirkewwa, Malta. During this wonderful week, the new Board of Management 2018-2019 was elected by the Member Representatives and started to work right away – and haven’t stopped since. In this first Board of Management Postcard, we would like to share with you updates from our teams, partners and associates, and give you a glimpse into the different parts of the busy body of EFPSA. We hope you enjoy the read.

Board of Management

We have started working and can already look back to 3 weekly BM meetings of 3-4 hours each. Member Representatives and Working Community received the Proposals and Supporting Documents for June E-Voting, which have been prepared by the President and Vice-President. At the same time each member of Board of Management has sent the Code of Conduct and Action Plan templates to their team and are eagerly expecting new ideas from the Working Community. Nevertheless, the most important news that everyone was impatiently waiting for was if we would receive the EACEA Grant. We would like to give a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who put a lot of effort into this during the previous mandate!

Offices & Services

External Relations Office
External Relations Office started the mandate with selecting three new Policy Team Members and with their very first meeting of the mandate they started working on their Action Plans. Policy Team is focusing on updating the Privacy Policy in accordance to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), while the External Relations Coordinator attended the IFISO meeting, worked on the Mental Health Awareness Week with EMSA, and the European Parliament Event with EHSA.

EFPSA Office
This mandate, a new position within EFPSA Office was opened and we are happy to welcome Lukasz Stecko, the first Data Management Responsible, to our team. The team has been setting everything up for the Working Community 2018-2019 and has already started working on the exciting new projects, so stay tuned!

Finance Office
The new Finance Office is setting up their Action Plans with fresh ideas for this mandate. Moreover, we are looking for two motivated people to join the Partnership Team. Check the website for more information!

Marketing Office
Marketing office has successfully completed the Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) and intensively started working on new projects. The team also greeted a new photographer for this mandate.

Member Representatives Office
This year’s generation of MRs is called “Maltesers”, in a homage to the amazing congress in Malta. Almost all countries have appointed new MRs and we started promoting events right away. We also have started using Discord as a means of communication, and have had our first MR and ViceMR meetings, a month earlier than it usually starts, since everyone is so motivated!

We are so happy to welcome Psychology Students’ Club Elbasan (Elbasan, Albania) as a new Observer Member in EFPSA. They have been approved as a new member during the General Assembly at the EFPSA Congress 2018 in Malta last month.

Events Office
The Congress in Malta was a great success, bringing 350 European psychology students together to learn about Personality and Individual Differences! Since then, the events office has successfully continued work with all of the other organising committees who are all so motivated to hold the best events possible! Furthermore, this year’s EFPSA Academy held in the Netherlands this May was also described by participants as a very fruitful event and a great weekend overall.

Journal of European Psychology Students
Since Congress, JEPS has successfully set up their budget and goals for the next mandate. Additionally, main focus for the past month has been on training the new team members to become excellent editors and getting ready to take final steps so that the JEPS Ambassadors project could be launched soon

Study & Travel Abroad
The STA team was working with full steam on recruitment and selection processes for the two internship opportunities with our partners Willingness in Malta and Schuhfried in Austria. With less than 2 months for the Greece-Slovenia exchange, the exchange team is helping with the preparations by holding meetings with the organization committees from the respective countries. The team also held the first meeting for an upcoming exchange between Germany and Romania.

Social Impact Initiative
The Social Impact Initiative team have been working to preparing certificates and evaluations for the end of the fourth wave of the Mind the Mind Campaign. We have worked hard to improve the Social Impact Initiative Facebook page, by promoting of Mental Health Awareness Week. We have enjoyed working on the Organised Acts of Kindness (OAK) App, which aims at encouraging people to perform acts of kindness. We are incredibly excited to prepare an OAK pocket-calendar as a teaser before the launching of the app. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration with EYF team on developing the Better Together Campaign.

Training Office
The mandate has started in a creative way for Training Office. All the members of the team are working in a dedicated way to prepare for Train the Trainers Summer School 2018. The call for applicants has opened and the Training Office is waiting to receive motivated applications from people who are eager to conquer the trainings’ world.

Junior Researcher Programme
While the preparation for the Junior Researcher Programme in Athens, Greece in the end of August 2018 (28th to 31st) is in full swing, the European Summer School 2018 in The Netherlands is coming closer as well. The dates have been set (2nd to 9th of July) and six supervisors selected. All of them will lead a research team within the field of Psychology and Sexuality. The call for participants is currently open and we are looking forward to receiving motivated and enthusiastic applications.

Events Archiving and Documentation Task Force
Members of the task force have finished writing the Action Plan to be approved by MRs. The work has already started and will be increased over the Summer months! We’re all very motivated to work on this task.

Calls for Events
Currently the Calls for EFPSA Train the Trainers 2018 participants and for European Summer School 2018 participants are open! The deadlines for applying are the 1st of June and 2nd of June 2018 respectively. The Call for Interns with Willingness Malta is also extended, until the end of today, 27th May 2018. Don’t miss your chance on these lovely opportunities!

We are so grateful to our Working Community
We are so excited to work with all of you and would like to thank everyone in the EFPSA Working Community for kicking off the mandate with so much energy. We can already see that you are all working hard in your new positions and on the projects that you are passionate about. As a next task, the Board of Management will review everyone’s Action Plans and we are looking forward to reading about your ideas and goals for this mandate. With all our hearts and minds, we will do the best we can to support you this mandate and can’t wait to make the future of EFPSA happen together! Every last Sunday of the month we will share the progress our Working Community is making in these monthly postcards so that we can celebrate together! We hope they are a source of joy and inspiration to you.

With warm regards,

Tea, George, Marija, Ying, Elvira, Vicky & Nicole
Board of Management 2018-2019