With less than a month until the 32nd EFPSA Congress happening in Cirkewwa, Malta and the closure of the mandate 2017-2017, we are coming with more updates from the Federation. The entire Working Community has been working harder than ever these days and we are all slowly finishing our projects and pending tasks.

Board of Management
The Board of Management is currently making the necessary preparations for the General Assemblies that will be held in Malta, while also making preparations for various workshops and sessions throughout the week and ensuring that everything is in place for the Knowledge Transfer in order to ensure a smooth transition into the new mandate for their successors.

Services & Offices

Journal of European Psychology Students
Since the last postcard, JEPS has received a few Registered Reports from the current EFPSA Junior Researcher Programme participants and are excited to hear the feedback from our reviewers. The Team has been working hard to come up with interesting workshops and talks for the Congress with the aim of promoting student publishing and responsible research practices.

Training Office
Training Office is here for you! How? The Team is working on three training Events that can contribute to your development. Currently, the Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) is here to reveal the secret of emotions in trainings. In May, the second edition of EFPSA Academy will be organised in Amsterdam! This Event is open for volunteers from different NGOs and will focus on teamwork.

Junior Researcher Programme
The Junior Researchers within the Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) 2017-2018 are preparing their presentations for the upcoming Congress. Meanwhile, the decision of the topic for the next European Summer School 2018 has been made and the Organising Committee is looking forward to welcoming European psychology students in the Netherlands to kick-off their research in the field of Psychology and Sexuality.

Social Impact Initiative
Recently, the Social Impact Initiative Team applied their Mind the Mind (MtM) project for the prestigious Charlemagne Youth Prize. If won, the prize will enable access to considerable funds which will be of great use to the MtM campaign. The SII Team wants to thank all the Local Coordinators who provided their testimonies and pictures, which helped with the application. The results should be published soon.

The SII Team also set up the Mind the Mind blog, where interviews with current Local Coordinators (LC) and mental health experts, as well as other interesting content is being published. The Team is happy to announce that, as the results of a recently carried out midterm evaluation show, we have around 2500 volunteers across Europe in our Mind the Mind campaign. More exciting news come from Hungary, where a team of LC’s from Budapest won the PwC grant with their local MtM project, among many other projects. This grant will allow them to cover all the costs of materials, travel to rural areas and more.

External Relations Office
Onto another flight and another country… this time our External Relations Coordinator is currently in Macedonia for the European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) Spring Assembly as the last external event of the mandate! During the Assembly, EFPSA will be hosting a workshop on interprofessional collaboration along with other health student associations. We are also honoured to announce that the European Health Students’ Associations Network will be hosting an event on interprofessional collaboration on the 7th June 2018 at the European Parliament! Meanwhile, the Policy Team is currently working on finalising the policies for the mandate.

Marketing Office
Marketing Office started posting the Humans of EFPSA videos where almost all members of the Working Community answered two questions about themselves and their Team. By presenting all Teams in EFPSA, other psychology students will get a better insight into the organisation before the Call for the Executive Board is opened. Besides this, Marketing Office started working on EFPSA Promotional video and different designs for the Working Community.

Members Office & Member Representatives
Members Office and Member Representatives are working hard on the Knowledge Transfer documents for the next mandate, while Member Representatives always keep themselves busy with promoting all the current open Calls. This Sunday 25th March, the last e-voting of this mandate has also opened in which, among other Proposals, Member Representatives will vote where the next Train The Trainers Summer School will take place.

Events Office & Events
This month has been full of follow-ups on current Events. Various Events are on our doorstep, such as the EFPSA Academy  May in the Netherlands, EFPSA Congress in Malta during April and the Train Advanced Trainers in Cyprus which had its official kick-off yesterday, 24th March. We wish all the trainers currently at the Event a fruitful and unforgettable experience! Finally, the members of the Office have also been working on the appropriate documentation to make the mandate change next month as smooth as possible.

The EFPSA Academy has opened its Call for participants until 29th March so be sure to give it a look!  

The Call for the 5th EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers Organising Committee is being extended shortly and if you are interested to join EFPSA Working Community, your opportunity is here! The Call for the Executive Board for the mandate 2017-2018 is opening this week! Keep your eyes peeled!

We hope you enjoyed reading our updates for the month of March and we look forward to sharing our developments with you next month, the last Postcard of this mandate!

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tea, Erika & Andreas
Board of Management 2017-2018