Call for Participants for the fifth edition of EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers

We are happy to announce that the call for participants for the fifth edition of EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) is now open until the 19th of January, 23:59 CET.

TAT 2018 will take place in the beautiful surroundings of Oroklini, Cyprus from 24.03.2018 until 01.04.2018, under the title of ‘The Power of Empathy ~Dealing with Emotions in Training’.

  • Participants: 24 advanced trainers from any youth organisation
  • Dates for participants: 24.03.2018 – 1.04.2018
  • Location: Oroklini, Cyprus
  • Participation fee:
    • €210 for students
    • €250 for professionals (people engaged or qualified in a profession. People enrolled in a PhD programme included)

What is TAT?

EFPSA TAT aims to professionally develop trainers of youth organisations. The core goal of the eight day event is the acquirement of advanced knowledge on a specifically selected content theme as well as networking between young, experienced trainers from different non-governmental organisations. The event is a call for a selection of talented trainers who want to take their personal competences and their profession to a higher level – giving an opportunity to exchange experiences and collaborate on designing evidence-based practices.

One day before the event, there is a (non-obligatory) Open Training Day where all participants and trainers of TAT 2018 are invited to deliver training sessions to local students to promote non-formal education and give something back to the local community.

TAT 2018: “The Power of Empathy ~Dealing with Emotions in Training”

This year the event will revolve around the art and science of how emotions impact learning and how to work and deal with emotions as a trainer, under the title of “The Power of Empathy ~Dealing with Emotions in Training”.

Last year, we dealt with creating impactful trainings during TAT. One of the vital issues that arose was that while you can learn how to create an aesthetically perfect training, impact is also determined by different emotional processes both from trainers and participants. It is assumed that emotions impact learning. Trainers who use empathy and emotions appropriately can support the developmental process of participants. As trainers, we are expected to react in proper ways to different emotional and interactional processes. However, the skills surrounding emotions have not received much attention in advanced trainers’ education. During TAT 2018 we will synthesise the latest research findings, expert opinions and input from experienced trainers into an actionable and evidence-based framework around the following questions:

  • How do emotions affect learning?
  • How can we create an inclusive training environment?
  • How can we deal with emotions and use it to aid participants’ learning?
  • What role to take as a trainer in the group dynamics?
  • Which methods can we use to reach our goals in reflection groups, coaching sessions and personal development sessions?
  • What are the best practices for creating a safe learning space?
  • And many more…!

Who can apply?

The call is open for any young individual who is involved in initiatives, projects or organisations as a trainer or learning facilitator.

Applicants should:

  • Have graduated a Train the Trainers event or equivalent, and have been active in the past years in youth work;
  • Have been active as a trainer locally or internationally and can provide a portfolio of delivered trainings that demonstrates that at least 30 hours of training have been delivered (hours, topics, etc.).
  • Be willing to contribute to the event. For instance by delivering a session on a topic related to Emotions in training during TAT.
  • Be available between the 24th of March and 1st of April.
  • Additionally preferable: Have already started or are interested in pursuing a training career in youth work.
  • Additionally preferable: Be available and willing to deliver at the Open Training Day one day before the event.

How to apply?

In order to apply to this event, we ask you:

* To fill in this form until the 19th January 2018, 23:59 CET.

* To send us your CV pointing out the TtT you have graduated, all the activities, initiatives, international projects you’ve been involved in within and/or outside your organisation (attach it to the form).

* Provide us with your Training Portfolio at the end of the form (an example for a template of the portfolio can be found here)

Do also take into consideration that, once selected, preparation work will be expected from you before the event and you might be asked to contribute to some follow-up work after the event.

Contact information

For any clarifications and suggestions do not hesitate to contact the TAT Trainers’ Coordinator, Astrid van der Gun, on or