Amongst many festivities and events, another month has flown by, ending the year on even more accomplishments for the humans of EFPSA. December is known for being the month of sharing and caring for each other, and we did the same for our beloved Federation through EFPSA Day at the beginning of this month with 26 local events sharing our energy, enthusiasm and useful information with many participants!

Board of Management
The month started with the e-voting where proceedings from the Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting were voted upon by the Member Representatives. We would like to welcome the EFPSA Academy 2018 Coordinator and Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting 2018 Coordinators into the Working Community and we wish them a very successful mandate.

Services & Offices

Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS)
The (JEPS) Team are happy to share a paper published in the Journal by Erika Mårtensson (Sweden). The literature review covers an interesting topic of moral judgement and how our perception modulates it. Check it out here. Our Vice President conducted an interview with Prof. Dorthe Berntsen – a pioneer in the field of autobiographical memory research andthe director of CON AMORE – during this year’s European Congress of Psychology in Amsterdam. Finally, the Service is continually working on different submissions to the Journal as well as upcoming projects.

Junior Researcher Programme (JRP)
December started pretty excitingly for the JRP Team who met in Tallinn to discuss aspects of the next European Summer School 2018 in the Netherlands and the JRP Conference 2018 in Athens. The six research groups achieved a lot and the research designs are taking shape with some teams planning their own in-person meetings, one team winning a grant and collaborations being formed. We also had the pleasure to share Patrick Smela’s experience at the last JRP Conference which you can check out here.

Training Office (TO)
December was a very nice month for the TO who opened the Call for the Trainers Team and are making preparations for the Call for the participants, which will open shortly. They are also working on EFPSA Academy 2018 – an Event just for volunteers from European NGOs. This year EFPSA Academy will focus on the topic of Teamwork – if you wish to gain various knowledge and skills on how to be a better team member, understand team dynamics and how teams works follow us on Facebook to stay updated. Additionally, the Call for Trainers Candidates to become EFPSA Trainers has been opened! Last but not least TO is expanding by establishing new collaborations with external NGOs, while also digging deeper in its history – soon all the magic behind EFPSA Trainings will be collected and presented to you – stay tuned.

EFPSA Office
EFPSA Office has continued its maintenance work of fixing e-mail addresses, uploading content on the website while also reviewing content produced by EFPSA. The EFPSA Day Internal Newsletter – Special Edition and the 2nd External Newsletter are being prepared and the Office is very excited with the new ideas to dynamise the Working Community Facebook Group in the upcoming weeks.

Finance Office
The end of the year has been a jam packed month for the Finance Office who have been tirelessly working on successfully submitting an application for the three-year funding from EACEA. Ending the year on a positive note, we are keen to share that we have been awarded funding from EYF for the Train Advanced Trainers, Train the Trainers, Better Together and EFPSA Academy. Meanwhile, a review and finalisation of the budget and finances during this month wrapped up the year while the Partnerships Team worked on the Partnership Portfolio and establishing connections with more partners.

Marketing Office
The Marketing Office successfully coordinated the organisation of EFPSA Day 2017 in 20 countries with more than 200 participants. Currently they are preparing to announce the winners of EFPSA Lottery (free spot to the EFPSA Congress 2018 in Malta) and the winners of the EFPSA Day Giveaways. There are preparations for the next generation of Humans of EFPSA.

Members Office & Member Representatives
The Members Office has been busy strengthening connection with new Observer Organisations, while also working on some internal projects. Member Representatives voted in the December’s E-voting and are currently working together as a team on a project that will help Member Organisations.

Alumni Board
The Alumni Board 2017 – 2019 have come together and have started working towards exciting advancements in the world of EFPSA Alumni! We are looking forward to sharing more with you in the near future.

EFPSA is pleased to announce a third internship opportunity brought forward by the Study & Travel Abroad. This Internship is in collaboration with Psychosocial Innovation Network in Belgrade, Serbia, an NGO that provides psychosocial support services, research, non-formal education activities and various psychological interventions. Have a look at the Call here and apply today!

We hope you enjoyed reading our updates and we look forward to sharing our developments with you with the first BM Postcard of 2018! We hope you are enjoying the holidays and we wish you a fantastic New Year!

With festive regards,

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tea, Erika & Andreas
Board of Management 2017-2018