Seven months of hard work belong already in the past while having one thing on our mind; what you do today, can improve all of your tomorrows! It has been a month packed with work, starting softly in the beginning due to the fact that the Working Community was still recharging their batteries from the Joint EB&MR Meeting in Belgium in late October, but going strong with continuous developments! Let’s see what our Working Community has been up to below.


Board of Management

Vice President, Nicola Falzon and Member Representatives Officer, Erika Kajátiová attended the 3rd EFPSA Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina between the 16th and 19th of November, while the President, Clara Chetcuti, attended the European Federation of Psychogists’ Associations (EFPA) Presidential Council Meeting (PCM) in Prague, Czech Republic on the 24th of November. Both events were very fruitful and the Board of Management members had the opportunity to network as well as introduce new people to the Federation. We would like to thank EFPA for the invitation on the latter. Furthermore, actions are being taken to ensure that the upcoming e-voting will go as smooth as possible!

Services & Offices

Junior Researcher Programme

The six Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Research Groups are making good progress in their research projects, while the Organising Committee for the JRP Conference 2018 in Greece started their work. Additionally, the preparations for the ESS 2018 in the Netherlands are also in process. The JRP team is excited to keep up the dynamic work with the different teams.

Study & Travel Abroad

Within Study & Travel Abroad (STA), the Internships Team has been working hard on providing a new internship opportunity for our members. More information about the upcoming Call will be announced soon! The team has also been collecting internship experience stories which will be published on the STA  blog, and have been in contact with our Member Representatives to obtain information on various internship opportunities. The Exchanges Responsible is currently assisting the Croatian Member Representative in anticipation of  part 2 of the Malta – Croatia exchange, which will be hosted in Zagreb, between the 9th and 15th December following the theme of: ‘An Individual in the changing world’.

Training Office

The Training Office (TO) is enjoying working with the new team member – External Training Responsible – Andrea Martinez. Currently Andrea is working on creating the contact database of external NGOs in order to establish functioning and maintaining collaboration. The TO is preparing the amazing Train Advanced Trainers, taking place in Cyprus at the end of March. Great news – we already have the Trainers Team Coordinator – our previous TO Coordinator Astrid van der Gun. The topic of this edition is The Power of Empathy.  Our focus is not only on the external world, we are also taking really good care about our mentors for TtT graduates. We had a marvelous Skype meeting, where all mentors got the chance to share their experience. Currently we are working on creating a manual for the mentors to have an inspiration how to guide their mentees even more effectively. The TO is also collaborating with the Finance Office, Social Impact Initiative and Study and Travel Abroad. Stay tuned for more updates.

Social Impact Initiative

The Social Impact Initiative (SII) is extremely proud of this year’s Mind the Mind Campaign, proving to be the biggest one yet. They are currently mentoring countries’ Local Coordinators and helping them organize the trainings for the volunteers for both the Mind the Mind and the Better Together Campaign.  Follow our media for exciting new projects such as an upcoming blog!

Journal of European Psychology Students

This month was an active one for the JEPS bulletin, including a new interview  about the bad practices that are seen as a path to success in academia for researchers from a perspective of Corina Logan who gave an interview to the JEPS former Editor in Chief Katharina Brecht. Moreover, Fabian Dablander, (JEPS Junior Coordinator) has been in touch with Randy McCarthy and Christopher Chartier, the founders of two large scale collaboration platforms about their projects and how can psychology benefit from such efforts, which can be found here. Finally, Lea Jakob (JEPS Coordinator) and Fabian Dablander (JEPS Junior Coordinator) attended OpenCon and gave a Lightning Talk which can be viewed  here.

External Relations Office

Continuing to strengthen our collaboration with European health student associations, the External Relations Office is currently working on signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Dental Students’ Association (EDSA). Our External Relations Coordinator will also be attending the JADE meeting at the beginning of December.

Marketing Office

The Marketing Office prepared and sent the EFPSA Day Kit to Local Organisers of EFPSA Day which included some novelties, such us EFPSA Day Giveaways. Content Manager is working on editing EFPSA Day Balloon video, while photographer edited all photos from the Joint EB&MR Meeting and team photos for the website. Social Media Responsible was promoting EFPSA Conference in Sarajevo on Instagram and Marketing Team Members are designing promotional materials for the Working Community.

Members Office & Member Representatives

Members Office has been busy staying in touch with our Observer Organisation from Montenegro, so it is ready to apply for a second stage Membership, while contacting other possible Observers. Members Representatives are currently placing their votes during the last e-voting of this year, that closes on 5th December.

Finance Office

The Grants team has finished the EYF grant application and we are now waiting for the final results. At the same time we are preparing the application for an operating grant for the year 2018. The Partnerships team is finishing the partnership portfolio with Marketing Office and we are also trying to make new partnership deals from which the latest would be the collaboration with Flixbus.

Events Office

The team has been really engaged with the current Organising Committees (Org.Com), further progressing their work on each individual project. Moreover, internal documentation has been in the Office’s agenda for while and all this while they are finalising the nominations for Coordinators for upcoming Org.Coms! Moreover, the 3rd EFPSA Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina has come to a successful end, thanks to the wonderful work of the Org.Com, as well as the enthusiasm of the participants.


The call for Organising Committee for Train the Trainers Summer School 2018 is still open and we are seeking for any interested people who are will to take on this unique project! Contact us for more information or if you are interested.

Let us not forget that EFPSA Day, that we are eagerly waiting for each year, is fast approaching again so make sure to stay tuned to our Official pages and your local ones to learn about the when and where!


We hope you enjoyed reading our updates for the month of November and we look forward to sharing our developments with you next month.

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tea, Erika & Andreas
Board of Management 2017-2018