The EFPSA Working Community is already in its third month of the mandate, and what a busy three months it has been already! Despite the summer holidays, the Working Community has been working very hard on all the different projects and tasks currently underway in EFPSA and are very excited to be sharing their updates.

Board of Management

Clara Chetcuti (President), Nicola Falzon (Vice President), Mónica Duarte (Secretary General)  and Erika Kajátiová (Member Representatives Officer) attended the 15th European Congress of Psychology (ECP) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands between 11th – 14th July where they were given the opportunity to chaperone four award winners throughout the week. We would like to congratulate Prof. Susan Fiske for the 2017 Wundt James Award, Dr. Dave Bartram for the 2017 Robert Roe Award, Con Amore for the 2017 Aristotle Prize and Dr. David Ebert for the 2017 Comenius Award. We would also like to thank the European Federation of Psychology Associations (EFPA) for this amazing opportunity!

Following the ECP, Clara and Monica also attended the EFPA General Assembly which took place in Amsterdam between 15th – 16th July. Once again, we would like to thank EFPA for the invitation and to congratulate Slovenia which will be hosting the European Congress of Psychology in 2021. Meanwhile, Andreas Anthimou (Events Officer) represented the Board of Management at the European Summer School 2017, a highly successful Event hosted in Cyprus between the 10th – 17th July.

The Executive Board and Member Representative Skype Reports are currently underway, giving the Presidential Office the opportunity to check in with the teams, receive and give feedback and review the mandate so far, while looking into various other matters. In the meantime the Board of Management has been busy discussing various matters during their weekly Board of Management Meetings and have also been preparing for the various EFPSA Events that they will be attending in the coming months.


In regards to the External Relations Office, presently, the Policy Team is working on two policies – ‘Suicide Prevention Policy’ and ‘Refugees and Migrants Policy’. For each policy a survey is currently being developed; this will be sent out to the Working Community for piloting at the end of August. The surveys aim at acquiring information about the students’ knowledge and perspective about the policy topic to be tackled, hence, incorporating the voice of European Psychology Students in our policies. Valerija Vidović (External Relations Coordinator) also had the opportunity to attend the ECP, where they established various contacts for possible collaboration.

The EFPSA Office has been supporting the Working Community by reviewing documents and working on administrative matters as well as distributing updated protocols on content reviewing. The team is finally complete with the recently approved Web Support Coordinator, Patrick Reisinger who has been working on improving EFPSA’s website and helping the teams with any IT issues.

Within the Finance Office, the Partnerships Team has been working hard on further developing our collaborations with our Partners; such as the partnership contract with Eurosender, and international shipping company, which has been prolonged. The end date of the contract is 2099, so for the upcoming 82 years EFPSA and it’s students can make use of their service at discounted rates, while the contract is still active. Almost all EFPSA member countries/regions are covered, and the rest is hopefully following soon. The best thing about sending packages via Eurosender, is that the mailman will pick up the package at your own home (or whatever place you choose), and then delivers it in whatever country/region you choose. Also, the lowest price is always guaranteed. Whenever you need to send a package, go to www.eurosender.com, and use the coupon code “ORANGEBOX” for you to get a 10% discount. At the same time, EFPSA receives 1 euro for each package sent using this coupon code. Meanwhile the Grants Team together with the Finance Officer, Luc Horvat, met for a Train Advanced Trainers Evaluation Meeting in the Netherlands, in regards to the European Youth Foundation of the Council of European Grant. The Marketing Office has been working hard on developing various videos for the EFPSA Working Community while the Members Office has been overseeing the various tasks of the Member Representatives. Finally, the Events Office has been very busy overseeing and supporting various Organising Committees in the organisation of their Events, which you can read more about below.


Along with the completion of the 11th EFPSA European Summer School hosted in Cyprus, the first EFPSA Event for this summer has been successfully completed with the valuable participation of 42 students and supervisors deriving from 18 different countries. The participants enjoyed a life changing scientific programme that will continue through the upcoming year under the EFPSA Junior Researcher Programme, with them participating in research projects aiming for personal development and academic distinction. Although the very warm weather made it hard to work, the coastal location of the venue comforted the situation, leaving the young researchers reading articles on the wonderful beaches of Cyprus. Taking all that into consideration, we are now turning our lights on the currently on going 8th EFPSA Train the Trainers Summer School being hosted in the Netherlands. Moreover, the Junior Researcher Programme Conference is opening its gates on Tuesday 1st of August in wonderful Dublin, Ireland for its participants to present the seeds of their hard work from last year’s research projects, leaving the Events Office working hard on the upcoming events for this fall such as the EFPSA Conference, being hosted in Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting, being hosted in Belgium. Final touches are being made by Organising Committees to ensure the best outcomes possible for the involved EFPSA Community.


The 2017-2018 cohort of the Junior Researcher Programme met in Paphos, Cyprus and had a really successful week during the European Summer School, where they started their project work and got to know all the other researchers and their supervisors. Now that they have graduated from the European Summer School (ESS) they have officially started the Junior Researcher Programme 2017-2018 and will continue to follow on the foundation built at the ESS for the 13 months of research on different topics of developmental and educational psychology. Meanwhile the Junior Researcher Programme 2016-2017 is soon coming a close with the JRP Conference and Internships taking place throughout the month of August. We wish the best of luck to both cohorts of Junior Researchers.

Study and Travel Abroad has been busy updating a survey that will be sent to Member Representatives to fill in regarding Masters and PhD programmes, creating a CVI template to post different fun facts, accepting hosts on the travel network group as well as contacting various other hostels and getting in contact with several alumni to get more internship opportunities. The first Internship will be hosted at Willingness Malta, and the Internships Team within the Service have been working hard on further developing EFPSA Internships following the first successful proceeding. It will also be issuing a call for all Psychology Member Organisations that would like to organise an exchange in the upcoming year or two. Study and Travel Abroad has continued regularly posting on the Instagram account as well as Snapchat (efpsasta).  Like their Facebook page for more updates !

The Social Impact Initiative is closing up the third wave of the Mind the Mind Campaign. They have received a lot of evaluations from the Local Coordinators, trainers and volunteers, and now they will be processing them in order to improve the campaign for the next, fourth wave. They are also finishing the report for the second wave of the Campaign, which is to be out soon. Meanwhile the team is also looking into developing new and exciting projects such as an SII Blog and Organised Acts of Kindness App, stay tuned for updates!

The Training Office is currently working very hard at the Train the Trainers Summer School, currently taking place in the Netherlands, where they are paving the way for 12 highly motivated individuals to become Trainer Candidates and eventually EFPSA Trainers. Meanwhile the Journal of European Psychology Students have continued to receive and work on multiple manuscripts, while also continuing to develop their blog.


We are also glad to inform you that the Call for Local Coordinators for the Better Together Campaign is open until the 25th August 2017 23:59 CEST. Follow the link above for further information regarding this new Campaign from Social Impact Initiative. New calls for Organising Committees will be open during the month of August so do not miss these opportunities to get involved!

We hope you enjoyed reading the updated for the month of July and we look forward to providing you with more exciting updates next month with our fourth Board of Management Postcard. In the meantime we hope you are enjoying your summer holidays and wish luck to any students currently finishing any theses or that are taking part in any activities or projects throughout the summer months.

With warm regards,

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tiago, Erika & Andreas
Board of Management 2017-2018

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