It has been four weeks since the 31st EFPSA Congress in Gakh, Azerbaijan where the Board of Management and Executive Board commenced their mandate and we are very excited to be sharing many updates from our teams, partners and associates, via our first Board of Management postcard for the mandate 2017-2018.

Board of Management
Nicola Falzon, Vice President, attended the Presidential Council Meeting of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) in Zurich, Switzerland on 5th May 2017, where she started laying the groundwork for further collaboration with EFPA regarding policies and endorsement. Moreover, Clara Chetcuti, President, and Nicola held the first face to face Presidential Office Meeting for the mandate, where they discussed various matters in preparation for the mandate ahead. Collectively, the Board of Management has been preparing for the upcoming e-voting, where our Member Representatives will be voting upon various proposals, including the selection of the EFPSA Congress 2019 Coordinator and thus the host country/region of the 33rd EFPSA Congress.

Offices & Services
The first month of this mandate has been busy and productive for all teams within EFPSA, who are currently hard at work on the development of their Action Plans for the mandate.

External Relations Office
Simona Gorjan (SII Development Responsible 2016-2017) attended the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Associations (EPSA) Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia where she had the opportunity to represent EFPSA and deliver a workshop on the Mind the Mind Campaign. We would like to thank everyone who attended the workshop and EPSA for the warm welcome to the event. The External Relations Coordinator has been busy preparing an outline of external events for the mandate, as well as goals for each event. Additionally, the Policy Team has been working on familiarising themselves with their roles and dividing the work for the upcoming year.

EFPSA Office
The EFPSA Office has been reviewing Calls and documents for the Organising Committees and planning the goals for the mandate. Interviews for the position of Web Support Coordinator have been held so the Office should be complete soon. Furthermore, they have been busy organising a livestream for the EFPSA Congress 2019 Coordinator applicants to present their proposal and plans to organise this Event.

Finance Office
The Grants Team is in the middle of evaluating and rearranging the projects included in European Youth Foundation from the Council of Europe grant. Also, in cooperation with Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS), they are preparing to apply for a Mozilla grant for a completely new project. The Partnerships Team is updating the portfolio and brainstorming about new partnership connections. The Office is working on the budget for the new mandate and collecting information about financial structure and obligations for organisations registered in Belgium.

Marketing Office
The Marketing Office is currently busy editing and selecting the photos from the 31st EFPSA Congress as well as reviewing and creating materials for various teams and supporting them with materials.

Member Representatives Office
We would like to officially welcome Psihesko (Skopje, Macedonia) as a Member Organisation and Virtus (Montenegro) as an Observer Organisation within EFPSA, after their formal approval at the General Assembly in Azerbaijan. We are very happy to have you on board and we look forward to our collaboration this upcoming year.

Events Office
The Events Office has been overseeing the work of the Train the Trainers 2017 Organising Committee, and has been collaborating with the Training Office on various Calls. Additionally, the Events Office has been working with the Congress 2018 Organising Committee on ensuring a great Congress in 2018.

Journal of European Psychology Students
Following the Congress in Azerbaijan, JEPS is proud to welcome four new members to the Editorial Team. They are excited to announce the JEPS Ambassador programme with the goal of creating a network of psychology students interested in and excited about science who will collaborate with JEPS on promoting student publishing opportunities. More details about this programme will be revealed shortly so stay tuned. Meanwhile, they have posted their first bulletin for the mandate which was an exciting interview with none other than Prof. Chris Chambers!

Study & Travel Abroad
The Study & Travel Abroad team has been working tirelessly since the Congress, kicking off with the second EFPSA exchange happening between Malta and Croatia. If your Member Organisation would like to organise an exchange do not hesitate to contact us. With regards to the Study Abroad area of the Service, the team is working on updating a new google form that will contain even richer information about studying abroad; this time also including information about PhDs and this will be sent out to our amazing Member Representatives.

In regards to the Travel Network, the team is working on the second wave of partner hostels to continue increasing the number, this time also including affordable hotels! They are also constantly updating the Facebook group and reposting pictures on our Instagram account. Do not forget to use #efpsasta when travelling! We are also proud to announce that the team has secured the first partnership opportunity which will be happening between August and September – a Call will be open soon so stay tuned! They are also in contact with other universities for more internship offers. STA is working towards gathering more experience stories from studying abroad, exchanges, internships or just travelling! If you want to share your experience go ahead and submit it here. They are also working on a system to purchase Travel Network Membership Cards online for those who did not manage to get their hands on it yet; and for those who did, you can access the map with all of our partner hostels here.

Finally Study and Travel Abroad are also now on Snapchat! Add us on efpsasta and start snapping!

Social Impact Initiative
The new mandate kicked off, with an entirely new Social Impact Initiative team being inaugurated at the Congress.  The team is working on the reports of the second and the third wave of the Mind the Mind campaign, and the further development of the materials for the new, fourth wave. Special attention will be given to attracting more volunteers to join the campaign and to the facilitation of communication between Local Coordinators. An OAK app, which would enable its users to practice acts of kindness and acquire achievements, is planned to be developed during the mandate. In collaboration with JEPS, the Open Access kit will be updated and workshops will be organised.

Training Office
The Training Office has been working on the 8th edition of Train the Trainers Summer School. This amazing Event is taking place in the lovely Netherlands between 29th July – 6th August 2017. Soon the participants will be selected and all together they will work on making this summer unforgettable. However, this is not the only thing the Training Office has been working on! The Calls for the Train Advanced Trainers 2018 Coordinator and the EFPSA Academy 2017 are now open. If you are interested in organising one of these amazing training Events do not hesitate to apply! A Training Office Meeting will be held in Prague this coming June so look forward to many more updates from the team then.

Junior Researcher Programme
EFPSA JRP Team 2016-2017 are currently working hard in preparation for the closure of this programme this coming August, where the Research Groups will meet and present their work at the Junior Researcher Programme Conference on the 1st-4th August 20017, and 11 Junior Researchers will then partake in individual research internships. For the first time ever, the JRP Conference is open to the EFPSA Community for attendance and even presentation! Find more information
here and apply today!

Member Representatives
The Member Representatives have successfully started their mandate. Following the Congress, they have received the first emails, including promotional packages and materials and have been very busy promoting different Calls, preparing for the upcoming session of e-voting and their first online Member Representatives’ Meeting.

In addition to the Working Community, over 300 European psychology students gathered in Gakh, Azerbaijan for the 31st EFPSA Congress. The theme of ‘Humanity Today’ extended to a diverse scientific programme composed of lectures, workshops, poster and paper presentations from professors and student participants. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to an education and enriching scientific programme.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the 31st EFPSA Congress Coordinator and Co-Coordinator, Orkhan Orujzade and Rovshan Ugur, who, for the past two years, have devotedly led the Organising Committee in the organisation of this EFPSA Event! Thank you to the entire team for their dedication, patience and hospitality throughout the week, and prior to the event. We would also like to thank the Congress Trainers Team and the Training Office for helping us kick-off the mandate in the best way possible by delivering diverse training sessions to participants and the EFPSA Working Community.

The success of the week in Azerbaijan would not have been possible without the previous Board of Management who tirelessly dedicate their time and energy throughout the week. Their constant support, availability and proactive approach was invaluable to us and we would like to congratulate them once again for a productive and successful mandate – it is our honour to continue building upon their work.

Meanwhile, the European Summer School (ESS) Organising Committee has been busy with the ESS participant selection! Our thanks and appreciation goes to the team for all their work with the promotion and selection procedures, while we congratulate all the selected participants and wish them a successful and exciting event.

While we are preparing for the first e-voting of the mandate, a number of Calls for different positions are currently open including the Calls for JRP Mentor, JRP Advisors, EFPSA Academy Coordinator, Train Advanced Trainers 2018 CoordinatorJRP Conference participants. We look forward to receiving your applications to these diverse opportunities.

Announcements from our Partners and Associates
The EFPA News Magazine has just been published, and contains updates from the world of EFPA, the EFPA Boards, Standing Committees and Task Forces as well as the Joint Statement calling for more action on mental health in Europe all of which you can read here.

The European Congress of Psychology will be taking place between 11th – 14th July in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Registration is currently open – do not miss out on this opportunity to attend this scientifically enriching Event! We look forward to seeing you there.

We would like to express a big thank you to the EFPSA Working Community for their evident hard work throughout the past four weeks – we are greatly looking forward to receiving and reading your Action Plans and seeing your projects come to reality throughout the year! We are very excited to be able to share with you all these outcomes via these monthly postcards, so stay tuned on the last Sunday of every month for further information and updates.

With warm regards,

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tiago, Erika & Andreas
Board of Management 2017-2018

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