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A new year has started and we hope that it has started well and fruitfully for everyone. January has proved to be a very productive month for the Working Community of EFPSA, despite the highly busy exam season. We would like to wish all students good luck for any remaining exams. Here are some highlights from this month’s ongoing projects.


Board of Management


The Board of Management is preparing for the second Board of Management Meeting (BMM) which will take place in Brussels, Belgium between the 11th and 17th of February. We are excited to discuss upon current projects and develop further plans for the Federation’s future taking into consideration suggestions given from the Working Community during EB & MR Skype Reports that were held by the Presidential Office throughout the month. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Working Community for their valuable feedback and suggestions which will be reviewed at the upcoming BMM.


Clara Chetcuti and Nicola Falzon, President and Vice President respectively have been working with the External Relations Coordinator, Monika Schwäzler in preparation for the European Health Student Associations Summit (EHSAS) which will be taking place in Brussels, Belgium between the 17th and 19th of February. We would like to thank the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) for their help and advice with the logistics. We look forward to this meeting and to enhancing our collaboration with all the associations involved. Meanwhile, the EFPSA Office is gathering information for the next Internal Newsletter, reviewing documents and updating the EFPSA website. Moreover, the Marketing Office was working on promotion of the EFPSA Academy, Congress and Train Advanced Trainers with great success. The team has been also working on designs for the EFPSA Academy, Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) and other internal tasks. The Members Office has been busy with Observer and Member membership stages, as the Federation is ready to welcome new associations in the family! Moreover, the Members Office has been involved in the Congress applications procedures and the redistribution process of Congress applicants. The Member Representatives have been really busy with scoring and accepting applicants for the 31st Congress and starting procedures for selecting and training  new Member Representatives for the upcoming mandate. Lastly, the Events Office welcomed the Joint EB & MR Meeting 2017 Organising Committee. Regarding the 31st Congress the registration has now closed and we are in the proud position to announce that we have received almost 600 applications!


Services and Events


The Training Office has managed to select 6 amazing trainers out of many great applications for TAT 2017. The Trainers’ Team is finalising the selection of participants as we speak! Also, a unique opportunity for the TAT Trainers’ Team and Training Office happened in January. The entire TAT Trainers’ Team and 3 TO members were present to promote the Event and represent EFPSA Training at Trainers’ Forum 2017 in Poland: a conference of 130 youth NGO Trainers. Speaking about Conferences: the Training Office is busy preparing the EFPSA Trainers’ Conference in Poland, where Trainers and Trainer Candidates gather to develop the EFPSA Training System. Last but not least, preparations for EFPSA Project Innovation in the Czech Republic are in full speed. The Trainers’ Team has been selected and is representing a nice mixture of backgrounds and fields of expertise. Participants are currently being selected. Busy months ahead for the team!


JEPS starts the new year with six new Associate Editors joining the team: Peter Edelsbrunner (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Sebastian Trautmann (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany), David Mehler (Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, UK), Thomas Faulkenberry (Tarleton State University, USA), Franziska Ehrke (University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany), and Katharina Brecht (University of Cambridge, UK). We wish them an enjoyable and rewarding experience with JEPS. Also, make sure to check out JEPS  latest blog post by Tim van der Zee on Open Online Education: Research Findings and Methodological Challenges.


The Social Impact Initiative is working hard on developing the workshop materials for the new campaign Better Together. We’re hoping that the new campaign will be as successful as the rest of them and that it will have an even greater impact since it will consist of a cycle of 5 workshops on anti-discrimination. Our Projects Responsible, Rebecca Hjemdahl has been productive since her return from OpenCon and she updated the Open Access promotional kit which will soon be available on EFPSA’s webpage so that everyone can freely join in the promotion of Open Access.


The Study & Travel Abroad team has welcomed a new team member: Ivan Lepej, who together with the EFPSA Exchanges Responsible, Andrew Camilleri, is writing the EFPSA Exchanges Guidebook. This guidebook will help Member Organisations with organising an exchange from next year on. It will cover a broad range of topics including planning, finances, teamwork, choosing a theme, getting speakers, accommodation, activity management, among other informatioj. Also the subpage of Study & Travel Abroad has been updated with new logos and a new Database of European Psychology Masters, which is based on google maps and has options to filter by field, country, language, and more. Lastly, the Service has continued to seek partnerships with Hostels and Housing organisations and is sending out the contracts shortly.


Throughout the past weeks, the Junior Researcher Programme (EFPSA JRP) Team has been working on both supporting the 2016-2017 Junior Researchers, and preparations for the European Summer School 2017. The 2016-2017 research groups have been given feedback on their work so far from Nika Čermak, the Research Responsible, as well as constant scientific support provided by Dean McDonnell, the JRP Mentor, including feedback on their submissions to JEPS. The groups and their research are currently being introduced on the official JRP facebook page. Moreover, the JRP Conference and Internship teams have been delivered a training with the aim to facilitate their work. Finally, the preparations for the ESS 2017 have started, and the scientific theme – Developmental & Educational psychology – was officially announced on the website and JRP Facebook Page.


We hope you have enjoyed this postcard as much as we do enjoy working for the Federation! Keep in mind that the call for Executive Board positions will soon open, so if you’re interested in joining us, keep an eye on our updates!


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