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The Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting took place between 30th October – 5th November in Fužine, Croatia, bringing together the Executive Board and Member Representatives for a week of productivity and an opportunity get to know eachother better. We would like to thank the Organising Committee for their hospitality, the participants and our external guest, Žiga Barbaric from the European Medical Students Association (EMSA) for their input and contribution during all of the sessions. The end of November brings forth our seventh Board of Management Postcard with updates and developments from our teams.

Board of Management

Following the Joint EB&MR Meeting we have a number of new members in our Executive Board, on behalf of the EFPSA Working Community we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to the team and wish them a successful mandate. The Board of Management has been busy working on post-event tasks and preparing for the December e-Voting. Jolien Vandeneynde, Secretary General, attended the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) meeting for Associate and Affiliate Members in Brussels on 25th November.

Executive Board

Following the Joint EB&MR Meeting, the External Relations Coordinator, Monika Schwärzler, travelled to Cluj Napoca, Romania, to represent EFPSA at the European Pharmacy Students’ Association (EPSA) Autumn Assembly where she had the opportunity to present the Mind the Mind for adolescents and adults and got an insight into how EPSA works. We want to thank EPSA for their invitation and we look forward to collaborating with them more in the future. Monika also had the opportunity to represent EFPSA at the Informal Forum for International Student Organisations (IFISO) Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal between the 17th – 20th November. The Policy Coordinator, Rebecca Xiberras, has finalised the updated EFPSA Privacy Policy which was approved at the Joint EB&MR Meeting.

Meanwhile, the EFPSA Office is working on the second Internal Newsletter and planning on updating the Wikipedia page and Frequently Asked Questions section of the website. The Marketing Office is putting together the EFPSA Day Snap Video and preparing the materials for the Local Organisers to organise an amazing sixth edition of EFPSA Day. The Member Representatives are currently helping Study and Travel Abroad compiling a database and preparing for EFPSA Day; additionally the Members Office is communicating with Member Organisations and prospective Observer Organisations.

A follow-up on the Project Incubator Workshop was sent out to the EFPSA Working Community by the Finance Office. During the month they were busy collecting information and documents in order to apply for funding opportunities awarded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Lastly, the Partnership Task Force was busy with systematically collecting data on all current partnerships established by EFPSA’s various teams.


The Training Office has been working on the follow-up of the training sessions delivered during the Joint EB&MR Meeting. Meanwhile, they are preparing the Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) and the EFPSA Academy in collaboration with the Events Office and the Portuguese and Czech Organising Committees respectively. The first Trainers’ Conference (TRaC) as an official EFPSA Event will happen this mandate and a Dutch delegation of EFPSA Trainers will be supporting the mid-Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Meeting with training sessions. Furthermore the Training Office will hold a Training Office Meeting in Utrecht in December.

Meanwhile, the Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) are conducting the second stage of the selection of new Associate Editors which is due to be completed in December. Besides that they received their first Registered Report. The Social Impact Initiative (SII) started analysis of the data to measure the impact of the Mind the Mind workshops, while Rebecca Hjemdahl, SII Projects Responsible, represented the Social Impact Initiative at the OpenCon in Washington, where she delivered a workshop about Social Impact and EFPSA’s involvement in Open Access. The Study & Travel Abroad (STA) Team had an agreement with Chillout Hostel in Zagreb to host members of the EFPSA Working Community for reduced prices. Following this success, they started selecting hostels across Europe to get discounts for members of EFPSA. We are also proud to announce “Minds Across Borders”, an exchange being co-organised by PSA Psihesko – Macedonia, and SPOL – Finland, which will be the first exchange to be officially supported by EFPSA​.


During the Joint EB&MR Meeting, the Congress 2017 Organising Committee shared the official dates for the 31st EFPSA Congress, which will be held in Azerbaijan between 23rd – 30th April 2017 under the topic “Humanity Today – Individuals and Society”. Furthermore, the Events Office and the Congress 2017 Organising Committee are preparing the registration for Congress which will open shortly. Along with TAT 2017, Congress 2017, and Congress 2018 Organising Committees, the Events Office started working with the recently approved Organising Committees for the European Summer School 2017, Train the Trainers 2017, and the first edition of EFPSA Academy.

We hope you found this month’s edition of the postcard insightful and we are looking forward to sharing more updates with you in December.

Board of Management 2016-2017

Clara, Nicola, Jolien, Ana, Maciej, Artemis & Mónica

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