“The purpose of life is to live it: to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for the newer and richer experience” – Eleonor Roosevelt

What do you think about hosting an event during which you can meet friends from all over Europe, get inspired by their experience and motivation, learn more about training in NGOs, help young trainers reach their goal of life-long learning and receive some free training sessions yourself? What would you say to the opportunity to organise the 4th edition of EFPSA’s Train Advanced Trainers in your country/region and to the chance of getting in contact with trainers from different organisations across Europe?

After our first three successful editions in Lithuania, Finland and Poland, EFPSA is now opening the Call for applications for the Organising Committee (Org.Com) to host the 4th EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers in March 2017. During this 8-day event of non-formal education, 25–30 NGO trainers will further develop their skills and knowledge by receiving training from both professionals and their peers, and also through delivering sessions, receiving feedback and engaging in reflection. TAT enables trainers to grow professionally, heighten their motivation, establish a network, share experiences and make lifelong friendships.

So what’s in it for you? The Org.Com of TAT will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Bring together people from many NGOs and gain an insight into their work;
  • Contribute to the development of 25–30 European Youth Trainers;
  • Network with some of the best European Youth Trainers and have the possibility to contact them in the future for trainings in your own association;
  • The possibility to organise an Open Training Day (OTD) with the trainers who participate in TAT and thus contribute to the development of local students;
  • Participate free of charge at a number of training sessions in the event;
  • Get experience with organising a training event in order to develop your skills and yourself as an aspiring trainer;

The TAT is a crucial event for EFPSA and organisers will work closely alongside the EFPSA Board of Management, Events Officer and EFPSA Training Office, with the support of other EFPSA teams including the Marketing Office and Finance Office, to ensure the host team is well supported. Additionally, this year we offer support in the fundraising for this event as there is the possibility to do an online fundraising training and the Training Office will explore possible training related sponsors.

Some tips to get you started:

  1. Check the website of the former TATs to see what TAT is about;
  2. Read the Role Description of the TAT Coordinator and learn more about the task and duties of this position, as well as the General Prerequisites document
  3. Recruit motivated students from your Member Organisation or university to form the Org.Com;
  4. Brainstorm on ideas and plans for the venue, topic, fundraising and more. Ask the Training Office, Events Office and former Org.Com for help and input if needed!
  5. Search for possible partnerships with other local student organisations that might be interested in getting involved;
  6. Download and fill in the application form and send it to applications@efspa.org.

Deadline for applying is Monday 13th June 2016, 11:59 (CET)

If you have any questions regarding hosting such an event contact the Events Officer (events@efpsa.org) or the Training Office Coordinator (trainings@efpsa.org)

We are looking forward to your applications! Good luck!

EFPSA’s Training Office

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