The Call for the Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Team for the Mandate 2016-2017 has been extended!

The Call is open for several positions within the JRP Team, including the Coordinator, who coordinates and guides the team by overseeing and collaborating on their tasks, activities and projects; the Research Responsible; the Internship Responsible; and the Conference Responsible.  The Coordinator and Research Responsible will be in charge of managing and developing the programme for 12 months with an academic oversight from the JRP Advisors and Mentor, while running various projects and activities that intend to enhance the participants’ research experience.

More information about the roles and duties of the available positions can be found in the General Prerequisites document, as well as in the specific Role Descriptions:

  • EFPSA JRP Coordinator
  • Research Responsible

Moreover, the Call is open for the Conference Responsible, the Internship Responsible, as well as the Mentor who works with and advises the work of the two Responsibles for the period between June 2016 and August 2016. This JRP Team is responsible for the organisation of this year’s EFPSA JRP Conference and Internship. You can find general information about EFPSA JRP here, as well as specific Role Descriptions for the responsibles and guidelines for the Mentor:

  • Mentor
  • Conference Responsible
  • Internship Responsible


If you are interested in research and are motivated to further develop EFPSA JRP and EFPSA, this team is the right fit for you. Apply now to become a part of the Junior Researcher Programme Team! You can apply for more than one position by filling in separate application forms for the positions of interest.


Your application should contain the following:


  • Executive Board application form for the Mandate 2016-2017
  • Curriculum Vitae


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Vice President, Nicola Falzon, on vicepresident@efpsa.org.


Please send your application and CV to applications@efpsa.org by 4th June 2016 23:59 (CET).


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