The call for the Host and International Team of tenth annual edition of the European Summer School (ESS) is now extended.

The Organisational Committee consists of the Senior Coordinator of the International Team, the Team Members of the International Team and the Senior Coordinator of the Host Team. The ESS will be held next year in July.

At this one-week event students from across Europe gather to attend lectures, share ideas, and begin work on inter-cultural research projects. The members of the Organisational Committee of this unique event should demonstrate professional skills of networking, fund-raising, and communication.

If you are interested in in organising the event either as a Host, a Senior Coordinator of the International Team or a Team Member, and thus are willing to commit to an immensely rewarding but demanding position then you are strongly encouraged to find out more about ESS by checking the website: or by contacting the Events Officer directly through e-mail:

To apply for the Host for the European Summer School 2016 you should complete all parts of the application form.

To apply for the position of the Senior Coordinator of the International Team apply here, and you can find the application for the Team Members here.

You can find more details in the Role Description documents (Senior CoordinatorTeam Members and Host Team)  and send your application to until 23.59 pm on Tuesday the 27th of October 2015.

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