Dear friends of EFPSA,

August is here and the last days of our summer vacation are coming. For the BM though, vacation time still includes some working time too. While we are busy preparing ourselves for the Board of Management Meeting in Malta, the rest of the EFPSA teams are working on a lot of interesting tasks, whilst always in a summer mood and in low rythme.

More specifically, the EFPSA Office has been busy collecting data and editing the second issue of the internal newsletter which you should have recently received. Also, our External Relations Officer, Alex and our MR and trainer, Marc Portugal, joined the JADE Meeting in Portugal, where they deliver a very successful training called ” Ideas: Create, Invest & Innovate” .Meanwhile, the first meeting for the History and Chronicles Task Force took place where all of its members met and were excited to start by collecting data and organising their tasks.

Moving to the events and services, the European Summer School is just over and it was such a fruitful and amazing experience for its participants. The Train the Trainers summer school started over the weekend with great expectations for its participants.The Training Office is also preparing for TRAM which will take place on 27th-29thof August in Utrecht. Also, the preparations for the biggest EFPSA Event, the Congress, have already started for Azerbaijans’ host team who are in the process of looking for a venue for Congress 2017. At the same time, the Junior Research Programme is getting busy at Cambridge and the Journal of European Psychology Students presents a useful and interesting blog regarding Bayesian statistics.

Furthermore, the Finance Office had meetings with representatives from two organisations (IAAS and EGEA) about Erasmus+ Key Action 3 Grant and are supporting Org.Coms in their finance arrangements. At the same time, our Marketing Team is working on a new STA logo and some nice surprises for the EFPSA community. Also, they are in the final stages of the photo selection of the official Congress photographs, so expect some Congress 2015 memories up on Faceboook soon! And of course we cannot skip the Social Impact Initiative team who are doing amazing work revising the materials for their workshop and preparing for starting the second wave of the Campaign in September. Furthermore, they have managed to establish an initial contact with WHO and we are hoping that is the start of a fruitful cooperation.

Lastly, the BM is also preparing the Board Of Management Meeting in Malta and we are all excited and full of ideas and plans for the week!

Of course, we will keep you updated through our posts on the website, Facebook/Twitter. Until next time!


Ana, Jayne, Clara, Timo, Blaž, Ioanna and Benedikt


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