First Postcard from the Board of Management 2015-2016

May 10, 2015 president 0 Comments

Dear friends of EFPSA,

This is a very exciting time within our Federation – the very beginning of our new mandate. This is a time that provides us with new opportunities, new enthusiasm and an overflow of new ideas. Since the last postcard was written, we have a new Board of Management and many new Executive Board members, who all recently joined together for our 29th Annual EFPSA Congress, in Czech Republic.

As well as the working community, more than 300 psychology students from all over Europe met together for the 29th Annual EFPSA Congress at Srní. The theme of the scientific Congress was “Back to the Roots of Psychology and Sexuality.” During these seven days, the participants took place in a very rich scientific programme that included more than 40 lectures, workshops, paper and poster presentations, from both external professors and many psychology students. We would like to once again thank all the lecturers, speakers and students who took part and contributed. It was a truly memorable scientific programme that has left us feeling enriched and educated.

At this annual EFPSA Congress, we held a General Assembly, where the legislative body of EFPSA – the Member Representatives – elected the new Board of Management for the 2015-2016 mandate. Following this highly intensive selection process, the newly elected Board of Management quickly resumed their new positions and facilitated in the selection of the new Executive Board. Once all the new teams were formed, the week consisted of the knowledge transfer between the previous and new teams, the formation of the new working teams for the upcoming year and a productive, fruitful beginning  to combined, interdisciplinary work.

Once again, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Kateřina Wzatková and Kristyna Vackova, the Heads of the Organising Committee of this Congress. They have successfully led a large team of over 30 Czech psychology students over the last two years to make this an outstanding event. We are very thankful for the support the team provided, their hospitality and their incredible hard work, that went on behind the scenes too – we speak on behalf of the whole working community when we say their efficient planning and organisation  made the start of all of our mandates easier. We also thank all of the external guests who attended the event and helped enrich the scientific programme.

We would also like to extend our thanks for the previous Board of Management for all of their work, knowledge transfer and preparation in the build up to the Congress and during the week too. Their knowledge, availability and support was truly invaluable.

This has been a busy few weeks for us all since we returned back home, however, we feel optimistic and excited about the mandate ahead. We have many aims for the Federation and are enjoying the final planning period of these before sharing them with you all. Each month, we plan on posting a monthly postcard similar to this format to share with you a summary of the work we have been doing in the previous month and we hope this information will keep you updated and informed about the progress of our activities this mandate.


Ana, Jayne, Clara, Timo, Blaž, Ioanna and Benedikt

Board of Management 2015-2016

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