The mission of the Training Office is to create and develop quality trainers in order to maintain stability in this growing environment. We aim to support the personal and professional development of the federation and its member associations. The Training Office is responsible for preparing active members for the mandate and supporting them during it, contributing to well-functioning of EFPSA in general and providing a learning environment for active psychology students in Europe.
● Senior Training Officer
● Internal Training Officer
● External Training Officer
● Trainers’ Community Officer
● National Training Officer
You can find out more about the concrete tasks and responsibilities by reading the job descriptions. These documents describe both tasks specific to each position and responsibilities that apply to all Training Officer team members. We invite you to contact the current TO at in order to gain a personal insight about the positions and if you have any questions concerning working for the Training Office.
How do you apply?

In order to apply for the Training Office you need to be a member of the EFPSA Trainers Pool and you need to participate in the Congress in April 2015 in Czech Republic. Please send your application to until 8th of March 2015, 23:59 CET. The application should contain the following three elements:

  1. Executive Board Member Application Form

  2. Training Portfolio (a list of all training sessions/events delivered so far)

  3. Motivation Letter (maximum 1 page A4)

An individual can apply for more than one Training Office position with the same application. It should be clearly stated in the application what is the preferred position. If elected for a position, one’s application for other positions will not be taken into further consideration. Please mention in your motivation letter for which position(s) you are applying.

 The application deadline for all the positions is 23:59:59 (CET), Sunday 8th of March 2015

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