Dear friends of EFPSA,

November is almost over and we are all already well-settled into our obligations and hard work. In accordance to that, we would like to share with you some pieces of information on the progress and updates of our EFPSA volunteers.

It looks like the Joint Executive Board and Member Representative’s Meeting came at the right moment and increased our motivation, creativity and willingness to work even more. After saying goodbye to all the participants the was left with some final tasks to deal with, as well as fulfillment following the successful event, but also a certain dose of sadness due to the ending of an amazing adventure. That being said, we are preparing to open the call for the new organising committee for the Joint EB & MR Meeting, so bear in mind the possibility of succeeding the lovely Serbian

Apart from that, the calls for the next Train the Trainers Summer School and European Summer School are almost closed. We are intrigued to find out where those events are going to take place in 2015 and look forward to sharing this with you soon .

EFPSA Day is getting really close, so the Marketing Office has been working very hard on the creative materials and organisation of the aforementioned, in order to help the diligent MRs and Local Organisers with the promotion. There is still time if you want to join the EFPSA Day project, but you should hurry up! Thus, check out the Call for the Local Organisers: . See you all on December 3rd at the Universities around Europe!

The Finance Office has gone well beyond in preparing an application for a new grant that will help EFPSA maintain sustainability and grow even further. There are still some important parts left to be done, so keep your fingers crossed for our awesome FO!

The BM is working on the documents for the second E-voting of the mandate where our legislative body, the Member Representatives, will make some important decisions. The voting procedure is going to be officially announced at the beginning of the month and then the MR Team is going to have time to consider and cast their votes.

The Social Impact Initiative Team has been carrying out the final preparations for Mind The Mind campaign and the results of this mandate’s hard work will finally be visible – the first official workshop of the campaign will be held soon! Good luck to SII Team, Local Coordinators and  the volunteers.

As always, JEPS is looking for new papers. So, if you want to have your work published, submit your articles on the JEPS website (  And don’t forget to check out the JEPS bulletin ( where you can  learn more about Bayesian revolution!

Leaving you with this news, we are hoping to share even more exciting updates on the plans you have just read about.  December is almost here, so enjoy the holiday mood and keep yourself warm and cosy while working on your projects!



Mariyan, Spyra, Mirna, Jayne, Ana, Tajana and Alex

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