Sixth Postcard from the Board of Management

Greetings from the snowy Goč Mountain in Serbia where the active EFPSA community has gathered for the most important working meeting of the year, the Joint EB & MR Meeting!

We are intentionally publishing this postcard later than usual because we wanted to post it from here, hoping to spread the EFPSA Spirit of the event to everyone who wasn’t able to join us in person. This meeting marks the middle of the EFPSA mandate and for many of teams, it’s the first time they have all gathered in person after the Congress. The purpose and intentions of the Joint EB & MR Meeting are several, of which the most important are to make decisions essential for further functioning of the organisation (taking place at the General Assembly), for each team to review the mandate so far, to discuss and work in teams and to plan the next six months ahead. It is certainly an exciting week for us and we are having a very productive and fun time all together.

We also welcomed Iryna Kuchma of FOSTER, who organised several trainings on Open Access Advocacy. If you’d like to know more about the organisation, please visit We’d like to sincerely thank her for the professional insight into a topic we feel very passionate about.

Except for the preparations of the Joint EB & MR Meeting, there were various exciting projects EFPSA has been working on.

On 10th October, which is declared World Mental Health Day by the UN, Social Impact Initiative launched their new campaign called „Mind the Mind – Combating the Stigma of Mental Disorder“. The project consists of a workshop programme delivered to high school students across Europe whose aim is to reduce stigmatisation of people struggling with mental disorder. For project of that scale we are extremely excited to collaborate with local coordinators which will be the link between EFPSA and volunteers delivering workshops. For more information about the campaign and Social Impact Initiative itself check their Facebook page ( and website (

JEPS Bulletin relaunched with a fresh interview series with leading scientists in the field of psychology (the ones published so far include Prof. Daniel Gilbert, Prof. Steven Luck, Prof. Ralph Hertwig, Prof. Daniel Simons, Dr. David Klemanski and Prof. Nelson Cowan). For their interesting insights on research and academia, check We look forward to reading more!

Marketing Office is preparing this year’s EFPSA Day which is taking place on 3rd December (mark the date in your calendars!) and all we are allowed to say at the moment is that they are ambitious and determined to make it unforgettable. If you are wondering how you can get involved, just keep an eye on our website and Facebook page where we will publish the calls for EFPSA Day Organisers and all other relevant information.

With so many projects which are “under construction” at the moment, meeting in Serbia came at the best moment possible! We can’t wait to share more pictures and updates with you, but for now, we leave you with our group photo from the venue.

Best regards,

Mariyan, Spyra, Mirna, Jayne, Ana, Tajana and Alex


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