Make the significant change in society by combatting the stigma of mental illness! Become a Local Coordinator in your country and promote the “Mind the Mind” campaign!

EFPSA Social Impact Initiative (SII) is currently looking for Local Coordinators for our first campaign “Mind the Mind-… To Combat the Stigma of Mental Illness”.

We are looking for:

• psychology students or graduates

• experience with event organising and effective communication

• social awareness and responsibility


By gathering a group of volunteers and implementing a meaningful and impactful campaign, YOU could help decrease stigma and social exclusion of people with mental illness, by raising awareness about the topic of stigmatisation.

In the context of EFPSA, Social Impact refers to an initiative aiming to make use of psychological knowledge in order to make a positive and significant impact on society. The team’s first project is the campaign “Mind the Mind-… To Combat the Stigma of Mental Illness”. Please check out the attached Position Paper for further details about EFPSAs position and importance of this topic.

After gathering insight and researching the topic, we are convinced that the best target for our efforts would be second-level students. We aim to raise awareness, educate, and combat stereotypes, surrounding mental health problems.

In order to achieve our goal, we are looking for Local Coordinators to help us facilitate the campaign around Europe.

Role desription:

EFPSA Social Impact project Local Coordinator (LC) is a contact person between local volunteers and the EFPSA SII team. It’s a role for people who are interested in implementing the “Mind the Mind-… To Combat the Stigma of Mental Illness” campaign in their region/country. The main responsibilities of LCs are:

• Promoting the project amongst possible volunteers and participating schools

• Being in contact with local group of volunteers on behalf of EFPSA SII, provide them

with the materials, guidelines and information. LC also has to coordinate and distribute

the tasks for volunteers.

• Contacting schools and inviting them to support the campaign

• Arranging, scheduling training session for volunteers, workshops and taking care of

evaluation process.


In order to apply, please fill in the online application, available at the following link.

For any questions, send an e-mail to:

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