Dear postgraduate (MA or PhD) students,

EFPA offers the possibility for psychology students (MA or PhD phase) with an interest in European Affairs and good mastery of English language to conduct a European Practice Project (EPP) at the EFPA Head Office in Brussels.

The aim of the EPP is to assist staff of the Head Office to perform duties relate to the interface between psychology and the European environment.

As from 1st September 2014 there is a vacancy for a student who will help putting together the bimonthly Newssheet EU*, which provides up to date information about European activities (e.g., consultations, calls, meetings of the European Commission, the European Parliament, European associations and lobby groups etc.) that is of relevance for psychological professionals, educators and researchers. The student will perform the role of

Assistant Editor of the Newssheet EU (F/M)

during a period of 6 months or more.  The activities will be performed on a part-time basis (about 8 hours per month). As the information will be captured and processed through the Internet, it is not bound to any specific location, provided that good web-access is available. However periodical presence at the Head Office in Brussels (minimally 1 day per month) is desirable.

The student will receive instructions, guidance and supervision from Head Office staff and the President.

Compensation for travel and other costs will be provided.

If you’re interested in joining the project, please complete this application form.
You should attach a copy of your CV together with the completed application form and send it to no later than midnight (CET) Saturday 30th August 2014. Applications after the deadline would not be accepted, so please make sure you apply on time.​

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