Dear friends of EFPSA,

August is here and we the last days of vacations before September are coming near. In the BM though, we don’t have vacations from EFPSA and we don’t want to either. On the other hand, most of the EFPSA volunteers are in a summer mode but still we have many interesting pieces of news to share with you. The Marketing Office for example, used their summer inspiration and they provided us with the summery  banner you see on this postcard.

We hope you all saw the new version of the Internal Newsletter which was introduced by the EFPSA Office. Mirna and Mirna, the Mirna office as we call it, will keep the EFPSA community updated  every month about interesting EFPSA news!

Speaking  about interesting news, Alex experienced a big EFPSA gathering in Istanbul. In this years Leadership Summer School our volunteers had a real EFPSA reunion. EFPSA was well represented with nine people within the participants and trainers group. On their night out in the heart of Istanbul the EFPSA people seized the opportunity to meet up with two more EFPSAns, Parla and Sumeyra. So they were a total of three MR-team members in Istanbul on that evening: Ieva, Parla and Alex – a real MR reunion. Furthermore, rumours has it that the MOC team and Alex will have a meeting in Maastrict but let’s save this for the next BM postcard…

Moving to the events, on 14th the Junior Researcher Programme conference started with many interesting lectures and we wish to the JRP team and participants a fruitful and enjoyable conference! Later this month, at the end of August, the Train the Trainers summer school will take place in Slovenia and bring our new EFPSA trainers in to the trainers pool. Good luck to the trainers and participants, and we wish them a  fulfilling and creative week.

Furthermore, the Training Office have been really busy this summer and they organised the Trainers Conference in Berlin during the first weekend of August. The future of the Training Office was discussed and we are looking forward seeing the outcomes.

Lastly, The EB & MR Team Reports are happening this year, which give the Presidential Team the opportunity to talk and discuss with every active member of the current EFPSA mandate about their  thoughts on their work so far, to hear what’s really important to them, and to provide and receive feedback. The BM is looking forward to these reports and the P-team is ready for a Skype marathon. In the meantime the BM is also preparing the Board Of Management Meeting in Berlin, we are all excited and full of ideas and plans for this meeting!

Of course, we will keep you updated through our posts on the website, Facebook/Twitter. Until next time!


Mariyan, Spyra, Mirna, Jayne, Tajana, Ana and Alex


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