Call now open for Org.Com of the 2nd EFPSA Train the Advanced Trainer (TAT) 2015


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”


Being a trainer is a continuous process which develop both: participants and the trainer. Five years ago the first generation of EFPSA trainers was trained and that was just the beginning of an exciting path. Because being a trainer means permanently learning and developing own skills.

What would you say if it became possible for you to host an amazing event, in which you can meet with friends across Europe, bring young trainers from various NGO’s together, and help them in their goal of life-long learning? If you answered “yes”, this opportunity might be just right for you.

EFPSA is now looking for an organising committee to host the 2nd Train Advanced Trainers! The first TAT located in Lithuania turned out to be a great success, which influenced the life and careers of 25 trainers from Europe. We would like to continue this extraordinary event to enable trainers to grow professionally, establish a network, share experience and make life-long friendships. The TAT for the next trainers generation is planned to be organized on 7th-15th of March 2015. The for this event will have the chance to:

  • Bring together many NGOs; collaborate with other local student organizations in a partnership which will bring all three organizations recognition on European level
  • The unforgettable experience at contributing to the development of 25 European Youth Trainers
  • Networking with some of the best European Youth Trainers and having the possibility to contact them for trainings in your own association
  • The possibility of organizing an Open Training Day (OTD) with the trainers participating at the TAT and thus contributing to the development of local students
  • Participating free of charge to the workshops happening on the Open Training Day for any members of your association.


Here are some good tips how to start:

  • Recruit students from your Member Organization or university who are motivated and willing to help and form your own Brainstorm ideas and plan (e.g. venue, topic, sponsors, etc.)
  • Start searching for possible partnerships with other local student organizations that would be interested in getting involved
  • Fill in the application form attached  here and send it to


Deadline for applying for the hosting country is the 30th of May, 2014, 23.59 (CET)


You can find a description of the event here, and a role description of the organising committee here. If you have any questions regarding hosting such an event contact Activities Office ( or trainers from the Training Office (


We are looking forward to your applications. Good luck!


EFPSA’s Training Office

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