Dear friends of EFPSA,

We are both excited and eager to share with you the happiness the beginning of May has brought to us all. May is a month of new opportunities and, for our Federation, it has been a month of new beginnings. It saw the change of one mandate of hard-working EFPSA Community members to another, it marked the 28th Annual EFPSA Congress, and it also serves as a starting point for the monthly postcards from the Board of Management. We’d like to make you part of it all and give you a glimpse of the beginning of our journey.

Baile Felix, Romania, gathered together more than three hundred psychology students from across Europe for the 28th Annual EFPSA Congress under the theme of “Development & Technology.” Over seven days, the participants took part in a programme of lectures, workshops, poster presentations and activities. We offer our thanks to all the lecturers, speakers and students who offered their contributions to the scientific programme and hope they had an insightful and rewarding experience.

The Congress serves also as an important milestone, as it allows EFPSA to hold a General Assembly, during which the Member Representatives (the legislative body of EFPSA) elected the new Board of Management for the mandate 2014 – 2015. The new Board of Management members then had the challenging task of facilitating the selection process for the new Executive Board of EFPSA. The week also saw the knowledge transfer between the old mandate and the new, the forming of the working teams for the next year, and an industrious beginning to their mutual work.

We would like to extend our warm gratitude to Alisia Muresan, head of the EFPSA Congress, and to the organising committee. Their joint effort and hospitality ensured for a successful and memorable Congress experience and we were all impressed and proud by their achievements. Our thanks go also to the external guests who honoured our event and our working programme: Prof. Dr. Robert Roe (on behalf of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations), Dr. Nabil Hassan El-Ghoroury (on behalf of the American Psychological Association), Nick Shockey (on behalf of the Right to Research Coalition), Nicole Allen (on behalf of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), and Petar Velikov (on behalf of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations).

Lastly, our acknowledgements go to the previous Board of Management for all their effort in preparing for the change of mandate and in supporting us during our first few days in office. It is a privilege to be stepping in our new positions with you by our side.

We are happy and optimistic to start the mandate and to see EFPSA in such an excellent and industrious high spirit. It makes us excited to see where our mutual work and friendships will take us individually and EFPSA as a whole and we share our firm belief that it will be a good year to come.



Mariyan, Spyra, Mirna, Jayne, Tajana, Ana and Alex
The Board of Management 2014 – 2015

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