Dear Friends of EFPSA,

We write this letter having recently returned from the second Board of Management meeting of the mandate 2013/2014, to openly convey our gratitude towards our hosts for such a generous display of hospitality during out stay in Serbia. It also seems fitting to take this opportunity to say a little about what went on during the meeting and in so doing to
express how meaningful the meeting was for EFPSA.

Firstly, our deepest of thanks and appreciation is extended to Sanja Živković and her father Mr. Slaviša Živković for hosting the seven members of the Board of Management at their lodge ‘Babina Reka’ – in the village of Trbušnica, close to Lazarevac, Serbia. Sanja, who has been an active member of EFPSA in recent years, deserves our gratitude across several levels – not least in making all arrangements for our stay, but also in going out of her way to ask if we ever needed anything more (almost invariably we didn’t – having been taken care of so well anyway) and always doing so with a smile. Our surroundings during the five days of our meeting were delightful, cute wood cabins, bright sunny days with clear night skies and nature all around us, exceeded only by the hospitality and friendliness of the staff.

We were fortunate enough to be overwhelmed with incredible food throughout our stay – from the midnight banquet upon arrival to the very end, it seemed every meal out-did the last, and we left with a remarkable taste for Serbian dishes. Without a doubt, we cannot think of a more suitable venue for such a meeting, and will be sure to be passing on knowledge of this little lodge to our successors, alongside encouragement that they consider staying their themselves for future Board of Management meetings. Mr Slaviša Živković and Sanja – thank youSo what went on during the meeting? Well, in many ways the meeting agenda was determined by our being close to the end of the mandate and everything that goes along with this. There was considerably review of the mandate so far; our accomplishments as an organisation and consideration of the challenges we faced with a view establishing solutions we may pass onto our successors. We undertook important revision of key documents in preparation for the call for a new Board of Management and actually published this call during our stay in Serbia. Similar preparation went into the call for a new Executive Board for the mandate 2014/2015 – to be published shortly. We reviewed EFPSA’s status in relation to the ‘Strategic Planning 2013-2018’ document and set forth plans for how to outline this mandate’s progress in regard to targets set by our predecessors and convey the foundations which have been laid for the coming years. In relation to our events, there was presentation of several solution-driven proposals sure to have a positive impact on the planning and hosting of future EFPSA events to the benefit of everyone involved – from participants, to organisers and even for Member Organisations. Time was also spent on preparing the contents for the final newsletters of the mandate, something we’re very excited for and that readers can look forward to in the coming month.

Lastly, we looked at proceedings for the upcoming EFPSA Congress towards the end of April, including the internal working schedule for the week. Accompanying this was discussion on what changes might be beneficial for the upcoming mandate in regard to Executive Board positions and structure – here there were some prominent outcomes that will be
presented to the EFPSA Member Representatives ahead of their voting at the General Assembly at Congress.

All in all, the meeting was very productive indeed, and although discussions often ran late into the night there was rarely a dull moment to be seen with laughter and a great atmosphere always present in the room. Outside of working hours we enjoyed a Serbian evening of food and live music and were thrilled to be joined by the enchanting company of Ana, Irena and Sara, three more Serbian members of EFPSA, whose company was greatly enjoyed and sorely missed upon their departure. We left the meeting with great confidence in the accomplishments of those within the Executive Board and Member Representatives communities with whom we’re privileged to work alongside, and although our eye was often towards ending the mandate, in reviewing all that’s come to pass during this mandate so far and remain incredible proud to be a part of this organisation. With so many developments and ambitions planned and ready to pass over to our successors, but with so much behind us also, the remaining few weeks of the mandate are sure to be bittersweet – but such is life. We look forward to seeing all our friends and colleagues at Congress, so until then, we wish you all the very best in your lives and studies.

William, Luís, Antoine, Angie, Mirna, Mariyan & Spyra
The Board of Management | European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA)


For a little peek at what went on during the event, click here to see a photo montage!


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