Photo: Andres Tennus / University of Tartu

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The month of February 2014 saw the launch of a new public service on the roads of Estonia. Meet Psychobus – a band of rogue psychology students on a mission to educate the general public that experimental psychology is actually a science and a psychologist is actually a scientist!

So far, so good – the (imaginary) bus has made a total of three stops in the University of Tartu, showing and explaining to some 150 high-school students different cool experiments about sight, sound and memory. In other words – the everyday world of an experimental psychologist. Inspired by the extremely positive feedback of the pilot experiment, the team has now submitted a grant request to upgrade all the bits and pieces and take the bus for a spin all around Estonia. And why stop there?

For more information, visit this link in Estonian or contact Madis Vasser at

Submitted by Agne Põlder (Member Representative)

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