EFPSA is almost as much about experiencing European culture as it is about psychology. Ask anyone who has been working within EFPSA for a year or two about what some of the best parts of being involved in EFPSA is for them and they’re likely to mention the travelling! But just how diverse is EFPSA considering where all of its events have been and where our Member Organisations are located? Where have the past 27 annual Congresses and other annual events been? And what would your EFPSA journey look like if you mapped out all the events you’ve been to in order?

Well, after some preparation through the dark nights of winter we’re very enthusiastic to present the first EFPSA Google map – a new feature to the EFPSA website which answers these questions! You’ll find the interactive map at efpsa.org/map where see that it marks out the locations of all past EFPSA Congresses, European Summer Schools, Train the Trainers summer schools, and a number of other recent events. Clicking on each icon uncovers information about the theme and dates of the event. What’s more, you can look up each of the 32 current Member Organisations for useful contact information and links including their homepages and Facebook pages.

A link to the map is included here, but you can also navigate to the map through the following way: About EFPSA > the places > Activities around Europe.

We hope that you find this a useful tool, a nice reminder of how distributed EFPSA activities have become around Europe, and an fun experience – we certainly enjoyed it within the Board of Management while preparing it!

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