A continually  growing body of student organizations, as well as scientists, have been advocating for an Open Access to scientific publications. The European Federation of Psychology Students Associations (EFPSA) has been part of this effort for a long time and this is strongly reflected in the JEPS Bulletin. Its latest post, written by Dimitris Parperis, discusses the importance of Open Access for a multifaceted and diverse field such as psychology and the way it can benefit the general practitioners of psychology – a group that is left with the infeasible task of applying evidence-based interventions, without direct access to the evidence in the form of research papers. Often psychologists working in a private practice then are bereft of support and dealing with a prized subscription fees or costly fee charged on the basis of each article viewed.

Throughout the article the author takes a look on the perspectives to a practitioner in overcoming this issue, the possible impact of Open Access and some hurdles it faces related to this and generally looks at different angles to the current and future situation for general practitioners. Take a look yourself by following the link!

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