Dear friends of EFPSA,

It’s certainly been a fast-paced month for many of us here in EFPSA – perhaps a sign of things to come as we move into the second half of the mandate.  November produced several clear accomplishments: the long awaited first EFPSA Conference, representation of EFPSA at two external events, an internal review of training sessions, conclusions to a massive survey of the members of the EFPSA federation, early work on various projects set for the new year, and coordination of one of the largest promotional events in EFPSA history.

Just a few days after returning from the Joint EB & MR Meeting at the start of November, William (President) attended the Nordic Psychology Students Conference, in Aalborg, Denmark.  This annual conference brings together students from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia for a programme of lectures and workshops. It was very delightful and insightful meeting in the countryside of Denmark and we are thankful to the organisers for the opportunity to present the activities EFPSA has to offer – we just hope to see some of the participants at our own events in the future!

One week later and Luís (Vice-President) attended the EFPA Presidents’ Council Meeting in Brussels.  This was the second of such meetings this year, and offered Luís the chance to learn about the recent activities of EFPA and report on some of EFPSA’s own accomplishments.

Within the Presidential–External Relations Office, discussion and preparation has been undertaken on establishing a framework for collaboration between EFPSA and the organisers of the European Congress of Psychology, an event to take place in Milan, Italy, 2015.  We’re really excited about the possibilities of this project – something sure to have a great significance for European psychology students…albeit in some time.

Mariyan (Member Representatives’ Coordinator) and his team, together with the Member Representatives, brought a conclusion to what’s been termed the ‘Survey of the Federation’ – a huge knowledge gathering effort which has led to the most comprehensive understanding and picture of EFPSA Member Organisations in recent history. With precise knowledge of contacts, structures and characteristics of each Member Organisation, we’re in a great position to begin working far more effectively with, and for, our Members!

A substantial effort was taken toward the end of the month in preparation of the Winter 2013 issue of the EFPSA External Newsletter – which is due for publication shortly. This year, we really aimed for something that presented developments and news from the full spectrum of EFPSA activities in a fresh and exciting manner.  We’re really pleased with the initial draft, and look forward to publication in the coming weeks! The Board of Management have also been occupied with preparations for a round of eVoting, at which the Member Representatives will be voting on a number of important matters towards the middle of December.

Perhaps a highlight of November was the first EFPSA Conference. Taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the event was undertaken with style, great hospitality and a fantastic programme. The Conference certainly lived up to all expectations – featuring lectures & workshops, roundtable-discussions, poster-presentations, and a panel-discussion, the scientific programme excelled and left us looking forward to the next edition! We hope to bring more news about outcomes and future of the Conference soon.

November also saw the Marketing Office undertake preparations for what became the most comprehensively planned EFPSA Day in the event’s four-year history.  While we will wait a little before bringing you the full story of this pan-European promotional event for EFPSA, here’s a little insight on what went on when the 3rd of December became an EFPSA celebration all over Europe. Altogether there were 70 Local Organisers in 26 countries for EFPSA Day 2013, an event pre-empted by the Official EFPSA Frisbee YouTube video which reached 1700 views in just 3 days! Early reports indicate an extraordinary display of motivation and creativity by the organisers, which together with a stack of fresh promotional materials from the Marketing Office undoubtedly ensured that EFPSA has reached tens of hundreds of new students.

Lastly, we’d take this opportunity to note that registration for the Train Advanced Trainers school 2014, and the EFPSA Congress 2014 has now opened.  For more information about the Congress, and to read about how to make the most of this fantastic opportunity to get involved in EFPSA, as well as details on how to register visit the Congress homepage (

We wish you all the best in the final few weeks of term before the Christmas holidays and hope that you stay in touch with EFPSA as we enter the New Year.


William, Luís, Angie, Antea, Antoine, Mariyan & Spyra

The Board of Management | EFPSA



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