Dear EFPSA people,

The EFPSA Conference is the newest scientific event of the EFPSA organisation offered to psychology students all over Europe. The main aim is to offer students a purely scientific programme that will give them the opportunity to explore a psychological theme from multiple perspectives. In this way,  the EFPSA Conference is the first of its kind.

The 1st  EFPSA Conference will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and its theme will be:

’Networking: from Neuron to Society’.

From 20-23 November, a total of 150 students will explore this theme through lectures and workshops that cover various fields of Networking-theories.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions with academics and professionals. Furthermore, participants have the option to present their own study. With these different opportunities, we will expand the participants’ scientific knowledge and professional skills.

Besides the scientific programme, we offer other student organisations the opportunity to be engaged in the EFPSA Conference. By giving them the chance to present their organisation and their goals, we hope to stimulate psychology students to broaden their horizon and learn from other students. Furthermore, the international character of the Conference gives participants the chance to develop and enlarge their international network!


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